5 Websites to Find and Download Free Fonts

During this weekend I helped my friend: he had to fix some things on his blog, first of all the font used. It seems incredible, but also simply by changing the font of a page, the page itself takes on a completely different tone. It can go from being a serious buffa to becoming evocative. Applies to the web, also applies to business cards, posters, flyers and reports. We have often talked about where to find particular, bizarre, elegant, vintage or even modern fonts. Today, however, we want to make a more general speech and understand how, and where, find large collections of fonts for free. The best way, in our opinion, is relying on some sites designed specifically to find and download fonts for free. We have selected 6 of them, and it is worth mentioning them and consulting them from time to time.


Let’s start with FontFling. Why? Because it allows you to quickly see how a given sentence appears by changing fonts. Just write our sample phrase and then use the arrows to scroll through the various fonts. We can of course set the size, and also other attributes, but what is most useful is the ability to quickly see the graphics of the various fonts. In this way we can identify and select the perfect font for our project. And then, after finding it, just click on Download to download it and install it on our PC.

Font Squirrel

Even if FontFling is simple, it is not necessarily the best solution. If we do not find the font for us there, we can always look for Font Squirrell. There are two reasons for doing this. First of all because Font Squirrel is the source from which many other sites offer free fonts. Secondly because all the fonts on this site can be downloaded for free and used without problems even for commercial projects. It means that they are good for both the amateur blog, both for the sites of a voluntary association and even for the company website.

In reality there is also a third reason to use Font Squirrel: it provides a handy tool to find out what kind of font is used in an image. It is sufficient to load a drawing, or even simply insert an image URL, to identify the used font. It is not a very precise instrument, but for not too rare characters it is quite useful.


Obviously not all existing fonts are cataloged on Font Squirrel. Many others are available on FontPark, and it is easy to find the ones that are right for us thanks to the various search tools. Although it is a great site to download fonts it is not to be used too lightly. Why? Well, because some fonts are free, others are freely usable, but not all of them are available for commercial use. It means that they can be used for personal sites but not for commercial or business sites. In some cases it is necessary to pay for a license, in other cases it is not really possible. However, before using a font it is advisable to read the user license.

Awesome font

Font Awesome is a particular font: it does not represent characters but icons. Yes, icons, of all kinds: from those six social networks up to the arrows passing through the smilies, or rather, the emoticons. They are mainly used on websites and web applications because they are light, easy to use and can be treated as characters.


Finally SprezzKeyboard. Which is not exactly a site from which to download fonts; is a smartphone app that allows you to type using special characters. And that allows you to write with the same characters on PC without having to install anything, simply by using the site itself. It can be a good solution to quickly obtain strange, bizarre and particular fonts.