4 Online Websites to identify Fonts in PDF files

Have you received a PDF document and been hit by the font used for the text? Would you like to know the type of font that was used to exploit it perhaps in other projects to improve its aesthetics and readability? If you have asked yourself these two simple questions, then you are looking for some free resources that allow you to find and determine the type of font used in PDF files. In this post we have collected and classified the best 4 sites for online recognition of fonts in PDF, so as to facilitate this kind of operation is not very simple. The sites described carefully below are all free resources that provide the really remarkable elements to find and recognize fonts in PDF documents. Let’s see in detail what it is and what are the basic features offered by these tools.

1. ExtractPDF

Extract PDF, in the opinion of experts and users who have already tested it is absolutely the best free font extractor from PDF files. In addition to recognizing the various types of characters present, this resource also allows you to extract images, metadata and text. It offers the possibility to upload the PDF directly from a PC or load it from the main Cloud Storage services simply by providing the URL relative to the document. Extract PDF immediately identifies all the types of fonts present and provides a list containing the fonts that can be downloaded by simply clicking on the name. The only limitation is that you can not upload documents larger than 14 MB in size, for the rest it does its job great.

2. AConvert

Another excellent solution that can be used to extract and obtain fonts from a PDF file is Aconvert. This excellent site essentially allows you to load a single PDF file, choose the data you want to extract from the file (the fonts in our case) and start the process to get all the information you need. Compared to Extract PDF, Aconvert is a bit slower in the execution of the extraction process but, despite this small gap, we still suggest you try it if the other resources of this post do not convince you. Finally, there are no details on the file size limit to be examined.

3. Konwerter

Konwerter is another useful free online resource for extracting any kind of information from documents in PDF format. Its use is really simple and intuitive, in fact just select and upload the PDF file on the resource, choose whether to extract only the fonts or the characters together with the attachments. Our advice is to extract the fonts individually or else we will eventually get a file in CFF format that is difficult to manage, while if you download only the fonts, the final result will be a file in TTF format ready to be used immediately. Finally, remember that after all the operations performed you can delete all the input files and all the files in output, also because you do not know the time spent on the site.

4. PDF Convert Online

We close today’s review with an extractor known as PDF Convert Online. As you will notice from the name itself it is a real tool that in addition to identifying and recognizing the types of character in PDF documents is also able to perform various types of conversion. Its functionalities and the extraction process are similar if not completely equal to the sites already described a few paragraphs above. Despite being considered one of the best web resources, the platform is very slow in any type of operation, but to remove any doubt there is nothing left to try.