How to Convert HEIC to JPEG in Windows 10

HEIC (or High Efficiency File Format ) is nothing more than a format introduced by Apple with iOS 11, which allows you to save photos guaranteeing a higher image quality than a JPEG file, but with a smaller size.

It therefore allows you to save space on your device ensuring better images, and is also compatible with 16-bit colors (unlike the 8-bit of a JPEG file).

Unfortunately, however, this file does not support many applications and is not compatible with all operating systems (Windows, for example, cannot open this file format).

Convert HEIC to JPEG in Windows 10

So let’s see how to convert HEIC files to JPEG in Windows 10; the procedure is simple and very fast.

How to convert HEIC images to JPEG (Windows 10)

To start with, you need to transfer the photos to convert to your PC.

To convert this type of file you need to use CopyTrans HEIC; it is in fact a plugin (i.e. an extension) introduced by CopyTrans, which supports iOS 11 image files and allows you to convert them to JPEG.

First, go to the official page, and click on Download. Now open the file you just downloaded, and in the window that opens click first on Next, then again on Next after accepting the license conditions, and finally on Install.

CopyTrans HEIC also does not have a graphical interface, but is enabled through the context menu: right-click on the HEIC image you wish to convert, and select from the menu Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans.

Now the converted image will automatically go to tile the original, and you can view it on your computer.

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