How to convert MKV to Mac for Free and without loosing quality

You need to play a movie on your mobile device but don’t know which program to use to convert it to a supported format. In this new guide today we will find out how to convert MKV on Mac, one of the most famous and powerful video formats on the square.

How to convert MKV to Mac for Free and without loosing quality
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How to convert MKV on Mac with Adapter

The first solution that we recommend you use to convert MKV files is to use a free and very powerful program called Adapter. It is capable of supporting and converting all the main file formats in a few simple steps.

That said, let’s see together how to use it:

  • Open Safari or the browser you use to browse the Internet, connect to the program’s Internet site and press the Download  Adapter button to proceed with the download. In the event that the Internet site did not correctly recognize MacOS as the operating system, you will have to press the downward pointing arrow and choose For Mac from the menu that appears.
  • Once the installation is complete, start the Adapter and drag the movie in MKV format to the appropriate area or use the appropriate button to select it via the Finder.
  • Now, press on the drop-down menu located at the bottom and choose the video format intended for converting the MKV file by taking the Video entry as a reference.
  • At this point, press on the gear in the lower right to customize further settings such as quality, resolution and so on.
  • In conclusion, press the Browse button to select the folder in which to save the output clip and press the Convert button to start the conversion.

We specify that Adapter does not allow you to choose the audio tracks to keep in the output movie, so only the primary one will be chosen if you decide to convert an MKV with more tracks. As for the subtitles, it is not possible to integrate them directly into the chosen format.

How to convert MKV on Mac with Avidemux

Another equally popular software for converting MKV files is called Avidemux. In reality, we are faced with a free and open source video editor that allows you to perform various operations such as applying effects, cutting and rotating but also saving the videos in a new format without making a new encoding.

Having said that, let’s find out together how to use it:

  • From the default browser, connect to the download page for Avidemux and press the link FossHub present under Section Mac OS X. In the new page that appears, press the Avidemux macOS – DMG link (present under the Download section ) to proceed with downloading the dmg file.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the program and drag the MKV file to the main Avidemux window.
  • In the next step, use the Video output and Audio output drop-down menus, set Copy and then choose the preferred output file format via the Output format drop-down menu.
  • After making further changes to the clip, click on the floppy disk located at the top left and choose the folder in which to save the video.

How to convert MKV on Mac with Handbrake

Handbrake is another very powerful, free and open source solution for converting MKV movies in a very simple way, as well as being available for Windows and Linux. Of the many video formats supported this obviously also the MKV one.

Let’s find out the steps to use it better:

  • Open Safari or your default browser, connect to the download page of Handbrake and press the link Download (Intel 64bit) present under Section Mac OS.
  • Once the installation is completed correctly, start the program and drag the MKV movie to be converted in the appropriate area or select it.
  • After that, locate the drop-down menu next to Format and set the preferred output file format. If desired, you can adjust other settings via the various options available.
  • To proceed with saving, press the Browse button (present next to Save As ) and choose the folder in which to save the new clip.
  • Finally, click on Start Encode at the top to start the conversion process.

How to convert MKV to Mac: alternatives

In addition to the solutions listed above, it is possible to convert MKV videos to other formats using alternative programs that we propose below.

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