Convert WhatsApp voice messages into text

Have you ever wanted to convert WhatsApp voice messages to text because you could not listen to them? To me often, when I’m in class or when the external noise does not allow me to understand the vocal message.

In the following guide we will explain how to convert Whtasapp voice messages into text and eventually send them to another person or save them on an app for notes.

The procedure to follow is very simple and everyone can follow it. Let’s start!

Voice messages WhatsApp in text: procedure

In order to be able to succeed, it will be necessary to rely on one or more applications created specifically for this purpose. Below we show you what are and how to use the best applications specially developed to convert WhatsApp voice messages into text:


Speechless, developed by Becreatives Srl, is by far the most famous application for converting WhatsApp voice messages into text and is available for both Android and iOS. You can download it from the following links:

The operation is very simple: once installed go to WhatsApp and press on the voice note you want to convert. Select “share” at the top right:

At this point, from the sharing menu that will open, select Speechless to start the conversion of the voice message into text:

Once selected, you may be asked to accept the license agreement and then select the language in which to convert the message.

Here is that Speechless will start the conversion of the voice message, at the end of which you will be shown a preview of the message that you can immediately copy by clicking on the “COPY” button or share with an app by clicking on “SHARE“.

Speechless is an application that you can download for free but the conversion is free only for the first 20 seconds of each message. For the full version, however, it will take about 2 euros, not a lot.

Audio to Text

Audio to Text is an excellent alternative to Speechless because it performs the same function, but is completely free, with no conversion limit. Unfortunately, however, it is only available for Android.

As for Speechless, once installed all you have to do is select the message you want to convert and tap the “share” button :

Audio to Text will start the conversion of the audio note and at the end a window will appear with the message.

To copy the text simply press on it, a pop-up will appear at the bottom to tell you that the message has been copied correctly.

Furthermore, by activating the “Start service” check in the app, you can instantly convert any voice audio you will listen to, without doing the sharing procedure described above each time. Useful no?

  • DOWNLOAD | Audio to Text from the Play Store (Android)

To conclude

And you, did you know that it was possible to convert WhatsApp voice messages into text? Go slow with all these audio notes, however, you could fill the memory in no time!

If you need help using these applications, but especially if you have other alternatives to recommend, do not hesitate to leave a comment below!

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    1. Yes, Speechless is suitable for english+9 other languages and if we talk about Audio to text, it supports 22 languages.

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