A heated smartphone can indicate software, hardware or environmental problems. Here’s how to cool the phone and how to prevent unnecessary overheating.

It often happens, especially in the summer, to realize that the smartphone is hot and the device has reached a too high temperature.

This can be a hardware problem, especially if the phone is old or has problems with manufacturing, but sometimes the situation can be solved with some simple precautions.

Here’s how to cool your smartphone and prevent it from overheating too much.


Heating may be due to several factors. Excluding temporarily those hardware that we can hardly solve alone, it could be a software or environmental problem.

Obviously leaving the phone under the sun at the beach is not a good way to lengthen its existence and it is important to be careful and avoid keeping it near heat sources or subjecting it to sudden changes in temperature.

A particular care must be dedicated to the time of recharging.

The charger must be of good quality and suitable for the smartphone; it may also be useful to evaluate the status of the electrical outlet in which it is inserted. During the recharge, but also more generally during the summer, it is good to choose a cover produced with materials that do not retain too much heat. You can also evaluate to remove it momentarily and then put it back.

When the battery returns to 100% the cable should be disconnected to prevent the smartphone from continuing to heat up unnecessarily.

Phone too hot

When you notice that the phone is too hot, remove it from heat sources and remove the cover is therefore the first step.

There may be a CPU overload problem, so it is good to limit active processes. One of the quickest things to do in this sense is to disable data and WiFi, as well as bluetooth and GPS location.

If you need to use it, you can also lower the quality of photos and videos from the camera app. Even reducing the brightness of the screen could come to your rescue.

Another tip to try to cool the smartphone quickly is to enter the energy saving mode: the phone itself will limit the processes to the CPU, saving you the trouble of having to search manually.

If the device continues to be very hot, it could unfortunately be a battery problem that often when it is about to break tends to release too much heat.

In these cases it would be better to turn off the smartphone to avoid hadware consequences (even if most phones turn off themselves when they exceed a certain temperature) and bring it to service.


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