How To Copy DVD to USB Flash Drive?

The DVD is widely used for video games, software, data storage, and movies. Making a backup of contents in DVD to USB flash drive is very important for the users who want a permanent storage solution. 

USB flash drives are the easier way of storing and transferring the data than burning DVDs and CDs and these USB flash drives are re-writable for infinite times. The USB flash drives are also very easy to carry during travel without any worry of scratching. 

Transferring the files or data from DVD to USB flash drive is effective for backup all your data or files. This transfer is very easy for collecting all the data and storing it on a single device and also USB flash drives are very compact and small in size so it is very easy for transportations. 

Current flash drives have a great improved exponential in the storage space and many of the USB flash drives are capable of storing data up to 256GB which is equal to the storage space of a hard disc.

How To Copy DVD to USB Flash Drive

The 3 Methods to Copy DVD to USB Flash Drive

Digitizing your DVD files is not difficult as there are several ways to do it. The following are the three common methods to copy DVD to your computer hard drive as well as USB flash drive.

1. Copying files from DVD to USB flash drive using DVD Ripper

A good DVD ripper is a software that you can use to copy the DVD files to USB drive. There are many free and paid dvd software available in the market, such as Wonderfox DVD ripper pro, WinX DVD ripper Platinum, Handbrake and more. The following are the steps to rip DVD with Wonderfox software.

First, insert a DVD into the disc burner of your computer and then launch the DVD ripping software where you have to select the file type, quality, and also the size of the file that you want to export to the USB flash drive. 

Wait for some time for the ripping process to complete and then plug the USB flash drive into your computer’s open USB slot and wait up until the computer has recognized the drive. Open the ripped file in the windows media player and then select the “Save As” option and here choose the USB drive as the destination then click “OK”. Wait for some time for windows to copy the particular file to your USB drive.

2. Copying files from DVD to USB flash drive using DVD Copy Software

Instead of copying and pasting the files directly from DVD to USB flash drives, you can use free or commercial DVD copy software. On choosing one such software tool for copying files, you have to consider the following things such as disc protection removal, price, output quality, copy speed, and so on. 

First, insert the DVD into your computer and then connect the USB hard drive to your computer through a USB cable which is your target output and that will automatically  detected by the computer. You can use the program like DVDFab DVD Copy.

In the DVD copy software, you can set the disc type and copy mode or you can also directly drag the source file into the software. And then click the “copy” button and then set the directory of USB hard drive in the “copy to” option and as the last step click the “Burn” button.

You can also preview the source content before copying it and here there are 3 copy modes are available such as custom mode, main movies and full movie.

3. Copying files from DVD to USB flash drive using Video Converter

With the video converting software, you need to download and install it to your computer and both online and offline versions are available so that you can choose the software what is suitable for you. The online version requires a stable and fast internet connection whereas the offline versions can be installed on your computer and can be used without any internet connection. 

Insert the disc that you want to copy into your computer and then on the video converter window and choose the “DVD” button and select the file that you want to copy and add it to the video converter tool.

Insert the USB flash drive and wait for the computer to recognize it, and then choose the destination path as the USB drive on the video converter tool and click on the “OK” button.


Therefore, you can copy DVD to USB flash drive in different methods and also using the above three methods for copying will help you to have a quality video whereas this cannot be made by using the direct copy-paste method.

With DVD ripper or video converter, you can rip/copy, and then edit it before finalising the output file. For DVD Copy software, it’s easier for you to duplicate the DVDs. So, choose the appropriate program that best suits your needs.

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