Even if you have activated mobile data on the iPhone 4G line but still it does not work and you can not connect to the internet? Does the phone not connect to the internet without Wi-Fi even if you have activated the data connection? iOS sometimes has annoying bugs that prevent us from carrying out specific activities of the smartphone, in other cases, if the cellular data of iPhone do not activate could depend on the operator: see in this guide what are the possible causes of the problem and how to solve reactivating the data connection on the phone.

The mobile connection to the internet, and therefore cellular data, is now essential for all of us: social networks, e-mail, instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, maps and many other services require internet and could take a few minutes without any connection to lose important messages or fail to make purchases or payments within certain deadlines.

If you are reading this article because the mobile data on iPhone do not activate or do not work even if active or the 4G internet does not work properly, I will try to provide you with some easily applicable solutions to help you fix the situation and re-use the internet on your iPhone in any place and at the maximum available speed.

Cellular data on iPhone do not activate: how to solve

There are many users who have problems with the mobile internet connection, they can not use the internet even if they activate cellular data on the iPhone but maybe the connection does not work, the symbols of 3G or 4G do not appear, navigation is very slow or do not manage to use applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp even if the mobile data on the iPhone are active but they do not work does not appear the 3G / 4G LTE connection. So let’s see together some solutions to solve the problem and restore the mobile data connection on iPhone and iPad with SIM in a few minutes.

Restart the iPhone

The basic operation to be performed every time an iPhone or iPad has problems is reboot: so if Cellular data does not work on iPhone turn it off and on again, making sure you are in an area with a 3G or 4G network coverage sufficient to establish a connection; if at the moment the indicator signals a few notches, I suggest you to find a point with better coverage before restarting the device.

As an alternative, the hard reset iPhone safely is even more valid : a forced reboot that in many cases is able to solve various problems, even the most complicated ones.

Check the credit and the thresholds of the plan

As you know, some mobile operators block completely or partially some activities on the SIM if there are unpaid invoices (in the case of subscriptions) or if the remaining credit is negative, zero or not enough to renew the monthly or weekly costs. Therefore, make sure that there is sufficient credit in your account and that it is regularly active; check also that the data plan thresholds are still available for traffic to surf the internet and use social networks.

If not, check with your bank the activities on the account to unlock payments or recharge by paying the money needed to renew your offer: you should then no longer have problems with mobile data on iPhone not working.

Clean the SIM

Dust or dirt residues on the SIM card in use could be the cause of cellular data on iPhone that do not activate or do not work properly even if active; so my advice is to turn off the phone or the iPad, remove the SIM using the special metal pin provided or a paper clip, and proceed to clean the SIM using a soft cloth that leaves no residue or a paper towel : at the end, insert the SIM, turn on the device and activate Mobile data from the iOS Settings or Control Center.

Reset network settings

IOS bugs, backup restores or SIM card changes may create conflicts between iOS settings, so a reset of network settings can be useful: obviously, it will eliminate any operator profiles installed on the device, network keys Wi-Fi and pairing preferences with Bluetooth devices; data and other settings will not be changed.

To resolve the problem with iPhone Mobile Data that does not work, open the iOS Settings and go to General> Restore> Reset Network Settings and confirm the operation.

Update the manager’s profile

As already described in the previous paragraph, the replacement of the SIM, change of carrier or trips abroad are possible causes that prevent the activation of cellular data of the iPhone, so it may be necessary after a restart and cleaning the SIM also the search of any updates to the profile of our telephone company; to search for new operator profiles go to Settings> General> Info: if an update is available, a pop-up window will appear with all the necessary information and the possibility to download the profile update.

Contact the telephone operator

If you believe that your phone account, then the SIM inserted in your phone, is fully up to date with payments and the promotion is active, you can contact the customer support of your mobile operator in order to clarify the situation and ask for support: In some cases, the operator is able to reset the line to restore all services associated with telephone numbering.

Update iOS and all applications

Of fundamental importance for the security and stability of applications, it is important to always download and install the latest updates available, so after a complete backup of the iPhone or iPad using iCloud or iTunes, you just have to go to Settings> General> Software update and tap on Download and install at the update found.

If you have a device that is dated and already very slow, I advise you not to update to the latest version of iOS available and maybe try to solve the problem with the other solutions listed in the guide.

Mobile data active but 3G / 4G does not work: what to do

The solutions reported in the previous paragraphs are more than enough to fix problems regarding the mobile internet connection from the iPhone and iPad Cellular when the cellular data of the iPhone and iPad do not work or are not activated; nevertheless, there may be problems strictly related to the phone or tablet hardware, and therefore perhaps the SIM slot, the antenna or some chips on the logic board have some defects that must be fixed by a specialized and authorized technical assistance center.

Contact Apple support

Therefore, if your phone does not connect to the internet in 3G or 4G or mobile data on iPhone does not activate despite all the solutions suggested in this guide, you just have to contact Apple to ask for more clarification about it and understand if it is some known software bugs of iOS or if maybe the iPhone you have presents some hardware problems on the antenna or on the logic board and need assistance with Apple warranty or payment. There are many ways to contact Apple support: from chat, to planning a call directly with an expert or to an appointment at an Apple Store nearby; use the online tool made available to the company to find out if there is an AASP or authorized technical assistance center in your area to discuss and solve this problem.