How to hard reset iPhone safely

Do you have any problem with your phone and the only possible solution seems to you to reset iPhone? To do this it is not enough to know the specific procedure, as you could always cause some “damage”. That’s why to get to a reset that does not involve the need to bring your phone to assistance, the advice is to follow some simple and effective rules, such as those shown here.

Is it really necessary?

Surely in many desperate cases it will be really necessary to reset iPhone to bring it back to work in an absolutely perfect, but in many others the solution could be another.

For example, if your phone is simply slow, you might start by observing what your mobile phone contains: if your apps are too many, you could always decide to delete the superfluous ones or check which ones you are using too much battery.

Use the reset, therefore, always as an emergency solution for cases that are impossible to solve.

Prepare the phone for reset

To reset iPhone safely you will have to prepare the “field” so you can always go back. You will then have to :

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer;
  • Open iTunes;
  • Back up your data;

Thanks to these simple operations you can get to reset without the fear of losing data forever.

The backup can also be done using iCloud, and also in this case you will have the possibility, subsequently, to recover your data without problems.

Start resetting iPhone

To start the complete reset procedure you will need to keep the phone connected to your computer. In fact, you can proceed in this direction by always using iTunes. In the information part of your phone on iTunes you will see two buttons. Click on Restore and continue the procedure.

Once you have already clicked Restore, you will be prompted again to confirm your choice so that you are really sure what you are doing.

At this point you will have to wait for iTunes to do its job and worry about resetting iPhone safely. The app will tell you what it will be doing and how it will be working, showing you some messages on the main screen.

The whole procedure to get to reset iPhone can last several minutes, depending on both the type of phone and the version of iTunes that you have installed on your computer. You will have to be patient and you can still follow the whole process on the PC screen.

The phone is reset

At some point iTunes will tell you that your phone has been reset. However, the process will not be finished yet: in fact, you will have to restore your settings and synchronize your data back into the phone.

You can always do it using iTunes and going to the part dedicated to backup: you can always choose which type of backup restore in your phone at the end of the procedure.

After doing this, you will see that the phone will reboot by itself, so you can move on to the next part of the procedure.

In fact, after restarting the phone you will see a message on the screen, which will show you how your iPhone will still be connected to iTunes. Next, you will be shown a message stating how the phone will be waiting for activation.

Even the activation can be done simply automatically, so you just have to wait until this part of the procedure to reset iPhone ends by itself.

Even after this step you will be given a choice: you can decide to start from scratch and use the phone as if it were new, or you can enter a previous backup inside the phone. The backup, as already indicated, can be found among those of iTunes.

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