How to transfer data from an old iPhone to your new phone

You have bought a new phone and are wondering how to transfer data from the old iPhone to your new device. There are different, and numerous, procedures that can be implemented in these cases and that will not force you to learn new and complex concepts.

Let’s see, therefore, how to do in detail.

How to transfer data from an old iPhone using iTunes

First let’s see how to transfer data from the old iPhone using iTunes. Using this application will allow you not only to transfer data, but also to keep passwords and features of your apps in memory.

Obviously, this procedure applies to cases of data transfer to another more recent iPhone. There are, in fact, slightly different procedures in case your new phone is, for example, an Android.

To put the procedure into practice it will be fundamental to follow the steps described here:

  • Check that you have the latest version of iTunes available;
  • Connect your old iPhone to the computer;
  • Start iTunes;
  • Click on the phone icon in the menu bar;
  • Select Encode local backup and change password;
  • Click on Back up now;
  • When you have finished, unplug your old iPhone;
  • Insert the SIM into your new phone;

At this point, wait until the procedure on the PC has ended and then connect your new phone to the computer.

Switch to the phone setup and then choose to restore your phone using the backup in your iTunes application. You will need to enter the password that you have previously set, in order to allow the app to also transfer your profiles and passwords.

How to transfer data from old iPhone using iCloud

Another great way to transfer data from the old iPhone is the use of iCloud, an application that can take the place of iTunes and on which you can save your data.

To accomplish this task you will have to:

  • Take your old phone;
  • Launch the Settings;
  • Click on iCloud and choose Backup;
  • Click on Backup Execute;
  • When you have completed the backup you can turn off the old phone;

Also in this case you will have to transfer your SIM from one mobile phone to another

Later you will have to:

  • Turn on your new phone;
  • Enter the Settings;
  • Choose Restore from iCloud;

At this point you just have to wait for the restore procedure to be completed in order to start using your fully customized phone and with your settings already entered.

How to transfer data from the old iPhone automatically

The new operating system iOS 11 today allows you to transfer data from the old iPhone automatically with the simple connection to the wireless internet. Therefore, the procedure will be much simpler and more immediate than what was required in the past:

  • First, choose your language within the different choices offered by the new iPhone and check that your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi;
  • Click on Continue;
  • Set the possibility to enter with the Touch ID in your new phone;
  • Choose to restore your new phone using the latest available backup;
  • The choice may also include the use of iTunes and iCloud, or even the transfer of data from a cell phone that is not Apple;
  • Everything will happen in a rather fast and automatic way;

In this way you can transfer data from the old iPhone without having to manually act on the data in the previous device.

With at least one of these procedures, then, you will surely get to reach your goal. However, in case of problems it will always be better to make a backup of your data on your computer, even if you have a new phone, so that you can restore what you need at any time.

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