All your friends do nothing but talk about Instagram, the very famous social network purchased by Facebook, which allows you to publish photos and videos, as well as share in real time moments of their day. Intrigued by this huge popularity, you should read my guide on how Instagram works, in order to have clearer ideas about what its main characteristics are. Now that you have broadly understood the potential of this tool, you would like to know more about how to register an account: you are indeed willing to create a fake profile on Instagram, from the moment you want to browse undisturbed, without your friends subscribed to the platform know about your registration.

How do you say? Things are exactly this way and that’s why you clicked on my tutorial? Do you wonder if I can help you achieve what you have in mind? My answer is definitely affirmative: I can explain how to create a fake account using the Instagram application for Android and iOS, but also in case you want to proceed from a computer, via the official Instagram website or via the application for Windows 10. In all the cases listed, the indications that I will provide you in this tutorial are also suitable for the less experienced, with step by step procedures.

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial, I need to ask you to think for a moment about what you’re going to do. You can create a fake profile on Instagram, using an imaginary name and surname, but do not use this possibility to pass you off for another person; the theft or improper use of an identity of others is not a lawful conduct. Please also note that the creation of fake accounts goes against the conditions of use of the social network and therefore could be punished with the closure of the same. This tutorial was written for information only and I do not take any responsibility in the event of an unlawful use of the information provided. All clear? Yup? Very well, we can start. I wish you a good read.


How to download Instagram

If your goal is to create a fake profile on Instagram, I assume that you are willing to register with this social network, but also that you want to act anonymously, without letting your friends know that you have created an account on this platform. It’s so true? If the answer is affirmative, the first thing I advise you to do is to download the Instagram application on your Android or iOS device, in order to take advantage of all its features.

Instagram is in fact a social network based on multimedia content and, even if you can use it via its Internet site, the full use of all its features (such as uploading photos and videos) is only possible using the app for Android or iOS devices. The only alternative solution to upload multimedia items on Instagram from a PC is what I told you in my guide on how to upload photos to Instagram from a PC. In addition, to use Instagram, you can also download the free application for Windows 10. In the following lines I will explain how to proceed to download the Instagram application, in all the cases mentioned.


If you use an Android device, first of all, tap on the Play Store icon (it’s that application with the symbol of a colored triangle that is present on the main screen of your device), in order to access the Google virtual store, through which they download or purchase games and applications. Now, through the search engine that is located at the top, in the Home section, type in Instagram and then press the Search button from the keyboard of your device (it is the one that has the symbol of a magnifying glass ).

From the search results you see on the screen, locate the Instagram application and, once you have previewed it, press Install button, then click on Accept and then wait for the app to download and install automatically. Do not worry, it usually takes a few minutes and you can easily see that the installation was successfully completed: you’ll see the Open button appear on the screen and the application icon will be added to the device’s main screen.


If you want to download the Instagram application on your iOS device, start the App Store first, ie the default virtual store dedicated to the “bitten apple” devices, which allows you to download or purchase games and applications.

The icon of the App Store is light blue and has the symbol of a stylized white A; then tap on its icon and then press the button Search ( symbol of a magnifying glass ), located in the lower right corner. Using the text field corresponding to the App Store, then enter Instagram and then press the Search button from your device’s keyboard to locate the application in question and its preview card.

Proceed, now, installing the application: now press on the Get button and then on the Install button. In case you are asked, enter the password of your iCloud account, put your finger on the Touch ID or confirm the installation of the app via the Face ID. Wait now for the download and automatic installation of the application (usually takes a few minutes) and, at the end of the same, press the Open button to start the app. Alternatively, tap the Instagram icon that has been added to the main screen of your device.

Windows 10

To download the Instagram application on Windows 10, start the Microsoft Store first. Through the Cortana search bar, in the text field Write here to perform the search, type in Microsoft Store and then press on the corresponding search result (the icon of the Microsoft Store shows the symbol of a shopping bag and the Windows logo in the middle ).

Once the Microsoft Store is started, use the Search text field at the top and type Instagram, by clicking on the app icon as a result on the screen. Finally, install the app, press the button Obtain and then the button Start, if you want to start it.

How to create a new Instagram account

Once you’ve downloaded the Instagram app, you’ll need to follow the process of creating an account, indicating different data to what you would normally use for registration. As a preliminary procedure, I suggest you to create a new e-mail address, in order to register with an e-mail address different from the one you usually use; your friends will not be able to identify you among their contacts.

To register an Instagram account, you can proceed from smartphones and tablets, through the app for Android or iOS and also through the application for Windows 10 or from computer, by going to the official website of Instagram. The procedure is very simple to carry out, in all the cases mentioned. Follow the instructions given below.

From smartphones and tablets

If you want to create a new Instagram account, once the social network app is launched on Android or iOS devices (the procedure is identical on both operating systems), press the Create a new account button, thus avoiding to perform the procedure creation through the Facebook profile and act anonymously.

Then tap on the Email tab and indicate, in the text field on the screen, the email address created specifically for the registration of a fake profile on Instagram; then press the Forward button to continue. Next, fill in the text fields related to the indication of your information, ie name, last name and password: in this case, if you want to create an account remaining anonymous, type a name and a last name of your thoughts and, once you have chosen the password, press the Forward button twice in a row. Then complete the process of creating an account, indicating your date of birth and pressing again on the Next button.

In case you are asked to connect your Facebook account, skip this procedure, in order to continue to remain anonymous. As for the customization of the account and the addition of a profile image, you can choose to use an image that does not depict you or skip the procedure. In addition, you can also choose not to sync your device contacts to Instagram, also skip this procedure.

From a computer

If you want to create a fake account on Instagram from a computer, you can go directly to its official website. In this case, to register you must type, in the text fields that you see on screen all the required data ( mobile number or email addressfirst nameusername and password ), then press on the Next button. Clearly, if you want to register anonymously on Instagram, you must indicate a name and the last name of your invention.

From now on, the procedure is exactly the same as what can be done via the app for Android or iOS; if in doubt, follow the procedures I have indicated in the previous paragraph in order to complete the configuration of your account.

By using the application for Windows 10 instead, create an account by pressing the Subscribe button with phone or email and then click on the Email tab. After entering the email address to be used for registration, press the Next button; now you have to complete the configuration of your account, typing all the required data on the screen and then those related to your account information. If you need help to do this, follow the instructions that I have provided in the previous paragraph: the procedure is identical to that performed by smartphones and tablets.

Once you have completed registration for an Instagram account, you can optionally set the profile as private, so as to be sure to keep yourself in complete anonymity. To carry out this operation, press first on the symbol of the little man, so you can see the screen dedicated to your profile, then, from Android devices, press the button with the symbol of the three dots, (is the button with the gear symbol on iOS, on the app for Windows 10 and on the Web ).

Now, find the words Account (called Privacy and Security from the Web version of Instagram) and move the lever from OFF to ON, in correspondence with the heading Private account. If you are acting through the website of the social network, instead you have to put the check mark at the same wording.

How to connect multiple accounts and manage them

You already had an Instagram profile, and now that you understand how to create a new account, would you like to know if you can link it to manage them at the same time? In this case the answer is affirmative and you can do it through the application for Android devices, iOS and Windows 10. The procedure is exactly the same in all the cases mentioned: I’ll explain how to act, step by step, in the following lines. Using Instagram from its official website it is not possible to connect two profiles with the same browser: you must then log out from one and login with the other.

To link multiple accounts to the Instagram application, you first need to press the button with the symbol of a little man to display the screen for your profile. Now, tap the gear symbol ( symbol of the three dots on Android ), locate and tap the word Add account.

At this point you can see the login section on the screen and you must then log in to Instagram with the account you already owned and you want to connect. Then indicate your username, your email address or phone number, type your password and press the Login button. If you had previously created an account through your Facebook profile, press the Login with Facebook button.

In this way you have completed the procedure for connecting multiple Instagram accounts and, as you can see through the section on your profile ( symbol of a little man ), at the top is now the button with the symbol ( ▼ ). By pressing the button in question you can see all the linked accounts and change the account used: just tap on the additional name present.


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