How to create a group on Instagram from a Windows PC

Instagram is definitely one of the most used social networks of the moment and that’s why we decided to dedicate yet another guide. After having recently proposed how to change the Instagram username from the mobile app, today we will see how to create a group on Instagram from Windows PC following a simple and quick procedure suitable for everyone.

Instagram: all the steps on how to create a group from Windows computers

With the passage of time spreading any type of content on social media is now easy and immediate. However, often the high quantity of the same contents will prevent a widespread diffusion. In this case, by analyzing Instagram, the content posted in the stories may not be seen by the followers. What should we do then? Obviously to solve the problem just create a group. A reserved space where to put all contents ensuring that they reach the recipient. So let’s see how to create a group on Instagram from Windows PC.

How to create a group on Instagram from a Windows PC

For those who have always loved to edit photos on your computer and share them directly from the same could be much more useful and convenient to use the Instagram app on the Microsoft Store at the following address. The graphical interface of the program is practically the same as that of the app. For this reason, the creation of a group will also be easy and intuitive for everyone in this circumstance. After downloading, installing the software and logging in with your data, simply follow the following steps to the letter:

  1. First you have to go to the Home and plug in the upper right to access the Direct;
  2. Tap on +;
  3. Using the search bar or scrolling through the list, select the contacts to add by marking them with a check;
  4. Insert the first message to create the group;
  5. Finally, if desired, assign a name to the group as you wish.

As you have seen, creating a group on Instagram from a Windows PC is a breeze. If following the guide you find difficulties or if you have any doubts, please write us below where the comment box is present.

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