With making big announcements, the latest update of the GBoard keyboard on Android and iPhone has brought a super fun feature that allows you to create “mini me”, ie animated stickers that resemble us, with our face.

With this function you can then take a picture and let the application automatically create the design of our face, which becomes a sticker that can be sent in messages such as emoticons, Whatsapp, SMS or any other application.

To use this feature of the Mini Me animated stickers you must then use the GBoard keyboard and enter write mode in any message app.

When the keyboard appears, tap the G button in the upper left corner of the suggestion line, or hold down the comma key to enter the emoticon setting mode.

In one case or another, press the stickers button, the one that allows you to insert animated drawings in the messages. In the selection line of the sticker categories you can see the last one on the right which has a fixed and colored figure that winks.
That key allows you to enter the Mini me creation mode.

The camera will then open take a selfie photo that will be used to create the sticker figure.

Our face is then transformed into a cartoon that can be customized and modified if you do not like it or if you want to make corrections.

Once satisfied, the Mini Me can be saved and used in the chats in the 100 expressions available: happy, sad, festive, angry and so on.