Create colorful themes for Firefox with Firefox Color

Firefox Color is a new experimental feature of Mozilla’s internet browser, with which in a few mouse clicks you can create custom colored themes, share them and save them.

Anyone can use Firefox Color after installing the official Test Pilot extension that gives preview access to this and other experimental features that Mozilla tests on its browser to establish its effectiveness and decide whether to implement them permanently as a pre-installed feature in the stable version of Firefox.

After installing Test Pilot, go to and activate and install Firefox Color by clicking on the appropriate button. When installation is complete, it takes a few seconds, the Firefox Color button will be added at the top right of the extension bar, ready to click whenever you want to create a new theme for Firefox.

As in the example above, after clicking on the extension button, the Firefox Color editor will open in a new tab, with which you can now quickly and easily customize the colors of:

  1. Toolbar Icons and Text – Toolbar icons and text
  2. Toolbar Color – Toolbar color
  3. Tab Highlight Color – Card highlight color
  4. Search Bar Color – Color of the search bar
  5. Background Tab Text Color – Text color of the tab in the background
  6. Background Color – Background Color
  7. Theme Texture – The texture of the theme
  8. Search Text – Color of the search bar

To change a color, all you have to do is click on the dot of the desired element to visualize the color palette in which to select the desired shade that will be applied in real time to the browser so that you can immediately realize its effectiveness and satisfaction.

The created theme will be used immediately as default (but if necessary you can re-enable the default theme by going to Menu> Add-ons> Themes ).

The theme created can be shared online through the link “Share your theme” displayed immediately below the editor (if you want to use what I have created, a combination of shades of blue, the link is as follows:

The created theme can be saved by clicking the “Save your theme” button under the sharing link section, so that you can find it ready for use in the Firefox Color editor page, in the “ Saved themes ” section.

Finally, but not less important, keep in mind that under the “Saved themes” section there is the “Preset themes” section in which a series of colored Firefox themes are proposed ready to be applied with a mouse click, which to them time can be further modified, saved and shared.

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