Hang around YouTube and expect more visits and conversations from YouTube? You need a neat and meaningful YouTube logo for our channel. In this tip, I will example YouTube logos in a historical timeline and introduce a way to DIY a decent YouTube logo for free.

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Previous YouTube Logos In A Glance

Previous YouTube Logos

Let’s take a look at preceding YouTube logo design timeline! Learn from YouTube logos, we know that they use simple logo shape, plain logo text to form their logo and change little.

What logo elements do they use?

*A plain text of “YouTube”: they may separate it into “You” and “Tube” in the design software.

*A simple shape – a round-cornered rectangle.

They use the fewest words in the YouTube logo design and the only round-cornered rectangle to represent the streaming service they provided – like a TV.

YouTube logo design team keeps the logo to the simplest. And we can’t simplify logo design any more. At the meantime, it’s meaningful and easy-to-understand, especially, the overhaul logo.

How Does Present YouTube Logo Function?

YouTube logo text can be interpreted as all video contents that are shared and uploading to YouTube platform. The rectangle may stand for YouTube platform, through the slide movement, YouTube service collects these videos all for its users in the process. In the end frame, YouTube leaves us a play button(a choice) to play and watch all videos.

Learn from YouTube Logo

What should we learn from YouTube logo and apply to our logo design? In short, it is:

*Keep it simple,

*Use less logo shape,

*Use fewer words,

*Use less color,

*Keep it meaning and picturesque,

*When re-design logo, change little.

In speaking of re-design, YouTube team only uses our familiar elements. They either change the color a bit(2012 logo, 2014 logo and 2016 logo), either make a little change on the logo text style(2005 logo and 2012 logo), or add a new familiar element – a standard YouTube play button(2017 May logo).

It’s essential to change little when re-designing our logo. If we change too much, it seems a new logo, which may represent a new brand. Subconsciously, it leaves a sort of untrustworthy impression. Logo design stands for what the organization believes and pursuits. A brand new design can destroy the persistent impression in customers’ eyes.

How to Design A Similar YouTube Logo for Our Channel?

To get a logo design like YouTube’s, it’s not a day’s job. For most business individuals, it’s impossible to hire a team of top designers to design an effective logo. While, some logo makers can be useful. In this part, I will introduce you guys with a free logo maker – DesignEvo, which can be very handy to play with and produce a good-looking logo.

To make a YouTube channel logo, go below steps:

  1. Press [Make a Free Logo] and search “YouTube” in [Search Templates].Search Youtube in designEvo
  2. View and hit a template that’s worked for us.
  3. It’s best to delete [Slogan Here] text.
  4. Reset logo size.
  5. Customize logo: change element size, logo font, color scheme and element positions.Create logo in DesignEvo
  6. Download it.

End Words

Using DesignEvo to devise your YouTube channel logo is way easy and way efficient comparing with the methodology creating a logo in Photoshop, be a designer or a zero-design-experience netizen.

Have fun with DesignEvo and bang your YouTube channel with your creative newly-DIY logo!


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