Crusader Kings 2 : Commands and cheats for PC, Mac and Linux

Crusader Kings 2(CK II) has a series of commands and cheats, which can be used in versions for Windows, macOS and Linux. Such commands activate a series of effects and change different parameters, which can change the fate of a match in the medieval military strategy game. Check out some of the commands and cheats for Crusader Kings 2.

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Commands and cheats for Crusader Kings 2

To activate the commands and cheats for Crusader Kings 2, you must open the Terminal by typing “` “(back quote) or entering the” § “symbol (paragraph), which can be done with a key combination that differs according to system operational.

  • On Windows: hold “Alt”, type “21” on the numeric keypad and release “Alt”;
  • On macOS: hold “Option” (on a non-Apple keyboard, “Alt”), type “6” and release “Option” (or “Alt”).

Check out some of the Crusader Kings 2 codes and cheats below (believe me, there are many):

Command Parameter 1 Parameter 2 It is made
add_artifact <name of artifact> <Character ID> (optional) Adds an artifact to a character
get_all_artifacts <Character ID> (optional) Gives all artifacts to a specific character or to the player’s character, if none is defined
destroy_artifact <name of artifact> <Character ID> (optional) Removes and destroys a character artifact
add_diplomacy <Character ID> <number> Adds or decreases a character’s diplomacy attributes
add_intrigue <Character ID> <number> Adds or decreases a character’s intrigue attributes
add_learning <Character ID> <number> Adds or decreases a character’s learning attributes
add_martial <Character ID> <number> Adds or decreases a character’s martial attributes
add_stewardship <Character ID> <number> Adds or decreases a character’s rulership attributes
add_modifier <Modifier name> <Character ID>, <number of days> Adds a modifier to a character
remove_modifier <Modifier name> <Character ID> Removes a modifier
act <Character ID> <Quantity> Changes the age of a character
banish <Character ID> Ban a personamgem
capital <Province ID> Moves player capital to province
clr_moved_capital <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Clears the moved capital-flag of a character.
cash <Quantity> (optional) + 5,000 gold or the specified quantity; placing a “-” sign in front of the specified amount will subtract it from the amount owned
piety <Quantity> (optional) + 5,000 piety or the specified amount
prestige <Quantity> (optional) + 5,000 prestige or the specified amount
culture <Character ID> (optional) <Culture> Changes a character’s culture
decision <Decision ID> <Character ID> Executes a decision
die Causes natural death
favor_get <Character ID> Receive a favor from a character
favor_grant <Character ID> Guarantees a favor for a certain character
give_birth <Character ID> Forces a pregnant character to give birth instantly
give_title <title name> <Character ID> Gives a character a title
infamy <value> Modifies a character’s threat value
religion <Character ID> (optional) <religion> Modifies a character’s religion
secret_religion <Character ID> (optional) <religion> Defines a secret religion for a character
set_government <Government tag> <Character ID> (optional) Change the type of government (Possible tags: merchant_republic_government, nomadic_government, feudal_government, theocracy_government, tribal_government, republic_government, muslim_government, theocratic_feudal_government, chinese_imperial_government, confucian_bureaucrial, order)
usurp <title name> <Character ID> Make the character usurp another’s title, or create the title if it is not in use
wipe_achievements Deletes all achievements for Crusader Kings 2 on Steam (cannot be undone)

You can find more codes and cheats for Crusader Kings 2 on specialized sites, such as the game wiki released in 2012 but still maintained by the community.

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