Pokémon GO: How to do remote Raids without leaving home

Raids arrive remotely on Pokémon GO: here’s how to participate remotely and capture the legendaries available in raids without leaving home.

Pokémon GO Remote Raids

Big news comes for Pokémon GO players: participating in remote Raids is now possible. The thrilling group battles to win legendary and rare Pokémon are now available remotely, without having to leave the house (due to coronavirus quarantine). But how do they work and how to participate in remote Raids without leaving your home?

The coronavirus emergency and the derivative pandemic have forced several countries at home, affecting the performance and gameplay of the Pokémon GO aspiring trainers: the game is in fact based on moving and moving far and wide, through GPS geolocation and visiting certain places for events and bonuses useful for carrying out your profile.

Niantic has already run for cover for several weeks, introducing updates aimed at modifying some of the main features of Pokémon GO: now it is time for remote Raids that will allow not only to participate from home but to limit gatherings that are currently prohibited, favoring the now famous social distancing.

Pokémon GO: how remote Raids work

Remote Raids will be implemented with the next Pokémon Go update and their operation will be linked to special Passes similar to those already seen within the app for the same Raids or various events.

Usually, in fact, Pokémon GO Raids require players to leave their home to reach a specific place, Pokémon gym, hosting the Raid visible on the map.

How does a remote Raid work on Pokémon Go? Through the update coming on iOS and Android you can get a special Raid ticket at the price of 100 Pokémonete (which in the game shop are equal to 0.99 cents). Obtained the ticket you can choose to access the Raid available in nearby gyms and visible within the radar (therefore you can not virtually catapult yourself into the center if you are in the suburbs).

At this compromise Niantic will allow the player in possession of the Raid ticket to invite a friend to join the fight: the latter can do so regardless of where he is and the distance of the place dedicated to the event.

The update that will introduce this important novelty should arrive in the next few days and this option will remain active for the duration of the emergency in order to safeguard users who will be able to play from home without resorting to tricks that can easily promote BAN risk.