In today’s guide, we see how to delete all likes and post Facebook with just one click.

Users who daily use the popular social network of Mark Zuckerberg find themselves having to see it every hour with links that do not serve and unnecessary page posts to which they are not interested. For this simple reason many users feel the need to clean up their profile once and for all and eliminate all the likes and posts of a given time frame but, for different reasons, are blocked by the fact that a manual cancellation would take a very long time and mental energies. But fortunately, there is a very quick and intuitive method to solve everything.

To remove all the likes and posts on a Facebook profile with a few quick clicks to your rescue runs a reliable extension installed on Google Chrome called Social Book Post Manager. This extension has a double utility, namely:

  • Find the posts and remove them-hide them from your diary;
  • Find the likes I entered on other posts and cancel them.

Once the extension has been installed correctly, it will be necessary to proceed in this way:

  • Open your Facebook profile;
  • Press the button represented by an arrow pointing down and located at the top right on the Homepage, then tap on the activity log entry;
  • Press the extension icon and change the parameters for searching and deleting likes and posts.

To make the search as perfect as possible, we recommend that you change the following parameters: Text Not Contains and Text Contains to find only posts that contain-do not contain a specific keyword.

Press in conclusion:

    • Delete – To completely delete posts that respect the search parameters
    • Hide/Unhide – To hide or possibly display posts that respect the parameters
    • Unlike – To permanently delete the likes from the pages and posts that respect the parameters

As you have noted yourself delete all like and post Facebook with just one click is a breeze. If you have problems following the guide or you have some simple questions, do not hesitate to write us below where there is a special box dedicated to comments.


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