How to Delete Audio from a Video on iPhone

Did you shoot a video but disturb the voices in the background? We understand you: unfortunately, it happens that when you make a video, there is some funny guy ready with the horn, or some friend ready to ruin the atmosphere. Not bad, because you can always eliminate the sound later, and it is not even a complicated operation.

But how can you delete the audio from a video on iPhone, without having to change it on your home computer? Today we’ll find out just that, so you can get rid of those annoying buzzes or those unwanted screams.

How to delete audio from a video on iPhone?

Removing audio from a video on iOS is as simple as it is on Android. If there you can use that great application that is Timbre, unfortunately you can not do it on your iPhone, since the aforementioned app is not available. Not bad, because there are many others. For example, you can use Video Mute, and get the same results. But how to use Video Mute to delete audio from a video on iPhone?

Once you have installed it, by downloading it from the App Store, you will have to start it and you will notice that the app already organizes all the videos on your phone.

At this point, you have to select the video you want to deprive of the sound by simply touching it: in doing so, the app will show you a small preview of the video. To start editing it, just press the Select button in the upper right corner. That done, in the edit window, you have to look at the volume slider at the bottom of the screen.

To remove the sound, you must swipe the left end and then press the Export button, again in the upper right corner. Now, there is only one step left to complete: you just have to wait for the video to be processed. At the end of the operation, you will get the option to save your video. So you just have to click on Save to save your video and to store it on the iPhone’s memory. Very easy, is not it?