5 Free Software to Convert BIN to ISO on Windows

In this article, we will look at the best 5 free software to convert BIN to ISO on Windows. To use them, just indicate a file in BIN format as input and select ISO as output: really simple, right? The use of these software, in fact, is suitable for anyone and does not present any “digital barrier”.

List of online converters from BIN to ISO


The first of the free software to convert BIN to ISO on Windows is WinBin2Iso, which is our first choice ever. Using this program, you will notice that the conversion process is practically lightning fast. Above all, the software does not impose any limits on the size of the output file.

As if this were not enough, the program in question is easy to use and does not really require any effort or commitment. When you have finished uploading the file and selecting the output format, you only have to press the Convert button and see how much time is left to complete the BIN conversion to ISO.

ISO Buddy

Even ISO Buddy is nothing short of excellent software. This program is highly recommended because it also supports large BIN files, and it is no coincidence that it is very similar to the software seen just above. Also because the conversion speed is more than good, and comparable to that of WinBin2Iso. In addition, the ISO Buddy interface is very easy and intuitive: not to mention the simplicity of the conversion operation, since you simply have to click on the Start Now button. In addition to this option, you will also find deletion and disc burning functions.


The third option that we present today is AnyBurn: a very famous software in the field of burning, which includes a plethora of extra features. Also with regard to the conversion from BIN to ISO on Windows. It also supports other formats, such as CUE, DAA, NRG and DMG. And it is not at all complex, just like in other cases. To start, you have to click on the Convert button, select the source file, set the output and you’re done. Generally you will have to wait about 2 minutes for a 3 GB file.

Open ISO Converter

Open ISO Converter is not the best free software to convert BIN to ISO on Windows, but it is nevertheless a program that knows how to be respected. The interface is quite spartan and rude, with few options, but this is not a flaw. You can upload the BIN file, set the output format, give it a name and start the conversion. But the above process is slightly different, because it forces you to add an “iat.exe” file that you need to unpack from an archive file attached to the software. Let’s say that it is simply an extra step.


It closes with AnyToISO: a conversion program that supports several files both in terms of output and input. But there is a big flaw: the Lite version (ie the free version) does not allow you to upload files over 870 MB. On the other hand you can integrate it with the shortcut menu on Windows, ie the one that opens by clicking the right mouse button on a file: a brilliant move, but does not save the whole situation.