In this guide, we will list the top 10 sites to encrypt or decrypt online text. With the help of these platforms, you can encrypt any text quickly and easily, and then share this text with other people: no one will be able to read it, except those to whom you have given the key to decrypt (ie a simple password).

You can also share this information directly with the people you care about, without using any type of password.

Site list to decrypt and encrypt text

The first of the top 10 websites to encrypt or decrypt online text is an immediate tool to be used, intuitive and with an easy to navigate user interface. Here you can encrypt text with or without password, simply by pasting text and choosing the option you prefer. Finally, you can also encrypt a text and download it as a file.

We continue our list with another online cryptography tool. In this case a client-side method is used: this means that encryption will take place within the browser, without going through the server. The encryption system used is the AES on Base64: the top in terms of security and privacy. is another of the top 10 sites to encrypt or decrypt online text. This portal has several tools to perform various activities of encrypting: its main advantage is to have a specific section for this, and another for decrypting.

Other useful information? The site uses PHP encryption with about 20 algorithms and 8 modes to choose from (for example, Base64 or Hexa). The nice thing is that if you do not know what to do or which option to select, you can consult its online guide, really complete.

Even is a great alternative option: this site has several online tools, including that for text encryption. With the help of this tool, you can encrypt and decrypt everything you want, easily and quickly.

The interface is very neat, and allows you to select different encrypting algorithms based on your goals or preferences: if you do this, you only have to add the text in the appropriate box. is a real collection of online tools, among which you will also find AES – Symmetric Ciphers: a symmetric cryptographic tool. This tool has an option to specify the type of input, which allows you to apply encryption in hexadecimal.

Here, along with various cryptographic functions and modes, you can also define initialization vectors to add an additional level of security. You can even enter an expiration date for the text. is actually a hosting, but it also has an online cryptographic tool called Blowfish. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it performs cryptographies up to 56 bytes, as well as adding extra bytes: this makes it one of the strongest platforms from the point of view of security. is a very simple and basic option: this tool is very easy to use, but it also requires you to have a limited number of encrypting options. You only have 3 encryption algorithms and two specific modes: you can still take advantage of some options designed to increase the level of security. For the rest, it lacks any link creation or other function.

Among the top 10 sites to encrypt or decrypt online text we also find In this case we talk about a website designed specifically for this operation, which boasts a large collection of codes for encrypting.

Once you have chosen one, you will be able to view a screen that is very easy to use: here you will have to enter the text, the password and click on the start button. is another site full of codes to encrypt a text directly on the Internet: among these you find the Morse, the Hash function and the very famous Enigma code (the one that was used during the Second World War).

Above all the presence of the latter makes Cryptii very fascinating, but also very powerful. Unfortunately, this site does not allow you to enter a password: to decrypt it, you will have to write down the encryption parameters.

We close with this tool exploits the PGP, which allows you to generate a unique key (PGP Key), based on your credentials to access the site. It is a very simple encryption system, but not one of the safest in circulation.