How to delete multiple contacts on iPhone at once

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One of the most annoying things about the iPhone’s “Contacts” application is undoubtedly the inability to select multiple entries to delete them in one go. Fortunately, there are alternatives, with which of course you can easily remedy the aforementioned problem. Let’s see how to do it right away.

How to delete multiple contacts on iPhone

Use a Mac

Before starting to download applications from the App Store, in case you have a Mac, we advise you to proceed using the Apple ecosystem. Obviously everything will go through iCloud and for this reason we invite you to check that synchronization is active, in the following way.

  • Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone
  • Click on your account at the top
  • Continue with “iCloud”
  • Activate or check that the “Contacts” toggle is active

Once this is done, it will be necessary to move to Mac (obviously configured with the same Apple ID).

  • Open the “Contacts” application on Mac and wait for the same contacts to appear
  • Access the group “All contacts”
  • Press and hold the “command” key on the keyboard and select all the contacts to be deleted with the pointer
  • Right click on one of the selected contacts
  • Conclude with “Delete cards”

At this point, the contacts will be deleted from iCloud and therefore also on all devices connected to the same Apple ID (iPhone included).

Use the iCloud site

In case you don’t own a Mac, it will still be possible to do the same thing on a Windows PC. In fact, just go to the iCloud website, only after activating the contact toggle on the iPhone (see above).

  • Access the website from any browser by entering your Apple ID credentials
  • Choose the “Contacts” app from those that appear
  • Select the contacts to be deleted by holding down the “control” or “Ctrl” key (“command” on Mac)
  • Click on the gear symbol at the bottom left
  • Conclude with “Delete”

Use third party apps

Last chance: download an app from the App Store. There are many services that allow you to manage iPhone contacts, but for simplicity of use, we recommend “Groups“. Available free of charge only in the basic version, which however allows the deletion of contacts.

  • Open the “Groups” app
  • Click on “Allow” on the notice regarding access to contacts
  • Skip the initial tutorial
  • Choose “All contacts” from the groups present
  • Select the contacts to be deleted by clicking on the circle on the right of the name
  • Continue with “Choose Action” above
  • Conclude with “Delete Contacts”