Delete your personal information from social media in these easy ways

Since incidents like Facebook Data Leak have surfaced, the user remains at risk of leakage of personal information, photographs, videos etc.

Nowadays, data of users using technology across the world is available from social media companies to smartphone companies. Today, we are going to tell you some easy ways to delete or change your personal information in all these places. Since the incidents like Facebook Data Leak have surfaced, the user remains vulnerable to leakage of personal information, photographs, videos etc. In such a situation, we can remove those personal information from the storage of companies that store these data, or if you want to make changes to the information you do not want to give them, then these methods will be beneficial to you.


According to the social media networking site Facebook’s second quarter of 2018, there are 2.23 billion active users worldwide. On Facebook, these users have personal information such as the phone number, the phone book of their smartphones, from the uploaded photos, what they searched, the interest is stored. According to these things, Facebook offers you suggestions. If you want to see these information or you want to delete them, you will need to log in to your Facebook account and go to account settings.

After this you have to click on your Facebook Info option. After this you will get your private information options here.

In this, you will see options for Access Your Information, Download Your Information, Activity Log, Managing Your Information and Delete Your Account and Information.

You can do any of these options if you want to view or delete it.


Like Facebook, the number of Google users worldwide is more than 1 billion. In addition to personal information from these users, contact details, photos, devices, etc. are listed on Google’s servers. You can delete your information from here also. For this you have to go to Google’s My Activity page.

Then click on Delete Activity By and select the date ranges and delete the information you want to delete.


Like Facebook and Google, another social networking site Twitter can also download your information. You need to log in to post a comment. After this you will have to go to account settings. Here you will see a tab of your Twitter data.

Enter your Twitter password once again by clicking on the tab of this Twitter data. As soon as you enter your password, you will see all your information here.

Now scroll downwards and click on the request data and you can download all your information in a zip file.

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