Difference between Web Designer and Web Developer

For those who want to follow in the area of IT, with web focus, a question that arises regarding web development is about the difference that exists between a Web Designer and a Web Developer, two positions that demand for knowledge in programming languages.

And, to clarify these doubts, we will explain in this post what are the attributions of the position of each of these professionals.

Web designer

Web Designer is the professional responsible for developing interfaces in web applications and web sites. This professional is also in charge of graphic design, where the range is larger, because it covers the design of layouts, computer media and banners.

That is, the Web Designer is intended as well as designing also design web sites, systems, web applications and blogs. One of its main goals is to make the graphic interface of an interactive website with the user and to do so, needs to take into consideration crucial points such as the emotions that this design can arouse in the user and what will be the facilities of use of the site.

Among the capabilities that a Web Designer must have is the production of layouts for blogs and websites, the production of banners for dissemination on the Internet. As for programming languages, it requires basic knowledge at least in HTML, PHP, ASP and CSS.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Gimp and Fireworks are other tools used by a web designer, but in this case, the most recommended is the one that the professional has more knowledge.

Web Developer (Web Developer)

In the case of the web developer, we have two subdivisions: the Front-end developer and the Back-end developer. It is worth mentioning here that the two professionals are considered Web Developer, but we will understand what functions are performed by each of them.

Front-end Web Developer

The name “front-end” means front, and therefore, this professional is assigned the programming front of the web application. In this case, here comes the ability to transform the design created there by the Web Designer through HTML and CSS codes, then using JavaScript to bring this page to life.

To understand better, through HTML are added texts, titles, images, videos, fonts and other elements. Already through CSS, we have the addition of colors, effects, styles and small animations.

Now using JavaScript the front-end web developer will add behavioral rules, which in this case, enters page behavior, popups, sliders, validations and so on.

However, in addition to having HTML, CSS and javaScript skills, currently the market for Front End Web Developer already requires that these professionals are familiar with frameworks, thus promoting the union of common codes of several software projects, where here, the objective is to promote a generic functionality, which streamlines the work of the professionals in question.

Back-end Web Developer

In this case, the Back-end Web Developer is responsible for the back side of the application. Here, among the assignments we have the data processing, the communication of the application with the Database, servers and other validations.

A back-end web developer needs to be proficient in the following programming languages: PHP, Java, C#, C, C ++, Ruby and Python. However, the most valuable thing here is not the programming language in question, but the ability of the professional to interpret algorithms, as well as the knowledge that he has about object-oriented programming, about the logic that involves programming, besides how to operate the database and servers.

They are responsible for the professional web developer back-end features such as e-commerce, for example, when their data is recorded in the database, login to a system, online transactions of payments where data is encrypted, among others.


Is it clear to you that the work of these professionals is sequential? That’s right, as explained above in each topic, the professional Web Designer projects something that comes later when it comes to the front-end web developer. Next, the web developer back-end is in charge of data processing, communication of the application with the Database and servers.

In this sense, we can also perceive that each position has its predominant characteristics, which differs them. However, for the three professionals, both the web designer, the front-end and the back-end developer, the common requirement concerns programming languages, where one job requires more basic knowledge to the other requiring higher levels.

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