Guide to disable login password on Mac

IFyou want to disable the login Mac password that is required every time your Mac goes to sleep or when you activate the screen saver, for example, this simple guide is for you.

Compared to the past it is slightly more complex to disable this annoying (even if useful for your safety) function.

Disable this function only if you use the Mac in safe locations. So let’s see how to disable the password of your Mac, do not worry, the procedure is very simple and immediate!


  1. We open system preferences.
  2. We select privacy and security.
  3. Now we click on the general panel.
  4. To make the changes we have to click on the lower left on enable changes and authenticate.
  5. Now to conclude we remove the check to request password after the stop or start the screen saver.

The game is done!

Now there will no longer be a need to log in when the Mac goes to sleep or screen saver.

The password will still be requested at startup; if you want to disable this function too, you will have to uncheck on disabling automatic login in privacy and security.

I repeat however that the password function of your Mac is very useful for your safety.

So, do it only if you are sure you are in safe places and away from prying eyes.

Well, we have seen how to disable the Mac password is a very simple and immediate procedure.

See you next time!

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