Does your MacBook Battery discharges quickly: Here is what to do?

Doesn’t your MacBook battery last long? Does the MacBook battery last a little or discharge immediately? Here’s what to do to try to solve the problem

MacBook Battery discharges quickly: Here is what to do?

MacBook battery discharges immediately?

Today I want to dedicate an article to all owners of a MacBook laptop from Apple.

After upgrading to MacOS Catalina, in fact, I noticed BIG problems with the autonomy and battery life of my MacBook Air 2019 and MacBook 12.

Specifically, I noticed that after upgrading to Catalina:

  • the MacBook battery drains too quickly
  • the MacBook battery lasted very little
  • the MacBook battery also discharged into standby

Following the update, the autonomy of my MacBooks had really collapsed, so much so that it had become impossible to use them on the move without an available power socket.

And the most incredible thing is that if I put the computers on standby with the 100% battery before going to bed, in the morning I would wake up with 30-35% less battery.

This was really absurd, considering that before the Catalina upgrade the standby battery consumption was practically zero.

The MacBook battery lasts very little: what to do?

Initially I thought that the problem was related to the Chrome browser which, as we know, consumes a lot of system resources (RAM, processor and obviously battery), so I tried to switch to Firefox and Safari, but things have improved very little and almost all the problems remained.

So I tried to clean my MacBook with the CleanMyMac program, which helped me to free up internal memory on the MacBook SSD, uninstall programs I didn’t use, disable active processes at startup and speed up and optimize the MacBook in general. But even this solution is not served.

In desperation, I therefore decided to take a ride on the internet to see if other users had encountered the same problem as me. And between one search and another I discovered that many users have noticed battery problems and autonomy on the MacBook after upgrading to Catalina.

However, going around various blogs and forums, I think I have found a solution.

It does not work 100%, but it still allows you to save a lot of battery on the MacBook, to improve the autonomy and above all it avoids the exaggerated consumption of battery when the computer is in standby.

Battery MacBook downloads quickly: how to solve

As I said, I can’t guarantee that it works for you too, but trying will not hurt, will it?

And then, even if your MacBook has a battery that lasts very little and the autonomy has collapsed after Catalina’s arrival, you can try to solve it like this:

  • shut down your MacBook
  • turn it on by pressing SHIFT right + OPTION + CONTROL + POWER BUTTON
  • hold them down for 5-8 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the MacBook screen for 1 second
  • At this point, release all the keys and turn on the computer as you normally would

This procedure made a “reset of the MacBook battery memory”.

In practice, apparently, the excessive consumption of battery on MacBook with Catalina was really tied to a sort of “memory” of the battery that caused a greater consumption of energy compared to what was necessary.

After doing this procedure, I can confirm that:

  • the autonomy of my MacBook is returning to pre-Catalina levels
  • the MacBook does NOT consume more battery power when I put it on standby

I can therefore be satisfied.

It is clear, however, that Apple MUST issue an update for Catalina to solve these annoying and serious problems, which actually make the MacBook a “home” computer since the autonomy goes from 9-10 hours declared to 2-3 hours effect.

Waiting for this update, however, you can try our tips that should help you get around or at least put a patch to this annoying and serious problem.

Let us know in the comments at the end of the article if you too have experienced a drastic drop in the battery life of the MacBook and above all if you managed to solve the problem.

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