How to download and install Kodi on Android

Download Kodi in Android: the complete guide. How to download and install Kodi on Android: we will explain each step in a simple and clear way

Kodi on Android: how to install and configure the best

On Teknologya we talk very often about Kodi, how it works, what it offers and the best addons to make the most of it. The articles dedicated to Kodi are really many and actually today we are one of the websites that offer more information about the famous media center and its operation.

Recently, however, I realized that in the past we have never explained to less experienced users how to download, install and configure Kodi on Android. And so, I often receive emails from novice users asking me how to download or install Kodi on Android. 

To fill this gap today I want to publish a complete article in which I explain step by step how to install Kodi on Android in a simple and fast way. 

If you were looking for a complete guide to the installation and use of Kodi on Android, we will answer all your questions and solve your doubts.

Let’s not waste time and see how to make the most of Kodi for Android. 

What is Kodi?

Before proceeding, two words on this app.

Kodi is a universally appreciated and constantly updated application that allows you to transform any device into a complete and versatile media center.

In simple words, Kodi allows you to watch videos of any format and organize them best on our smartphones, tablets, computers, TV BOX and more.

Kodi can be considered as the evolution of a common media player (think for example to VLC ), but compared to these programs has three very big advantages:

  • is a cross-platform product, compatible with Android but also with Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Raspberry Pi
  • it is able to support all the main container formats and to facilitate the cataloging of multimedia files (it can access the contents of the IMDb database to retrieve movie covers and reviews and to the CDDB database for the titles of the audio CD tracks)
  • allows you to be enhanced through the addons, ie specially developed programs that add exclusive features to Kodi, such as the ability to watch IPTV, movies and TV series in streaming, sporting events, digital television, satellite television and much more

As you can easily guess, Kodi is something really powerful and complete and below we explain how to take the first steps on Kodi for Android. 

Download Kodi For Android

The first thing to do, of course, is to download Kodi.

You can find Kodi on the Play Store from HERE and install it as you would any other program. Nothing could be simpler.

If you want to try the Kodi Beta, that is the latest version NOT yet on the Play Store but with some newer and more recent features, you can download the APK file from the official Kodi website and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet using any file manager. Here’s where you can manually download the KODI 18 in beta APK file.

Choose the way you prefer to download and install Kodi on Android (if you are a novice user I suggest you switch from the Play Store).

If instead you are a little more experienced user, better to install Kodi 18 Beta that is now ready for official release, it is bug-free and hassle-free and offers additional features than the release 17 on the Play Store.

How to use Kodi Android

Now that you have downloaded and installed Kodi on Android, launch it by clicking on the program icon.

At the first start Kodi does not show any content, it is an empty container: you will have to give the locations of memory, even in the local network, where the multimedia files must be searched and then cataloged and organized.

By clicking on Videos, you can indicate the files to be added to the Kodi catalog, entire playlists or decide to configure addons.

But first I suggest you click on the small gear button (at the top under the Kodi logo.) Then, by clicking on Services, you will see that Kodi directly supports the DLNA and AirPlay standard allowing you to receive instructions on files to be played by other devices connected to local network.

By clicking on General it is possible to establish the name with which the Kodi media center will be recognizable in the local network, while accessing the SMB client section you can activate the Linux Samba service for sharing files and folders on the LAN.

By clicking on System then on Display and finally on Video calibration it is also possible to adjust the image display in order to make sure you do not go beyond the edges of the screen.

These are important settings to check before starting to use Kodi on Android at best.

How to install Kodi addon

Once this is done, you can go back to Kodi’s main menu and click on Add-ons and then on Enter add-ons browser, where you can access the list of additional components supported directly by the Kodi team.  

The list will be really long:

Scroll down the list and you’ll see that in many cases the add ons of Kodi allow you to receive streaming video content from the most disparate sources.

You can choose the ones that interest you, click on them and install them in one click. Everything will be simple, fast and automatic.

But the real strength of Kodi is represented by the possibility of installing addon manually (I’m talking about those NOT present in the list you just consulted). In this way you can add very interesting and useful features to Kodi and, as anticipated, you can take advantage of Kodi for:

  • watching streaming movies (even those just released at the cinema)
  • watching tv series in streaming (even those of Netflix and just transmitted)
  • watching football, Formula 1, MotoGP and other sporting events in streaming (football, basketball, NBA, Serie A, Serie B …)
  • watching digital TV streaming
  • watch satellite TV in streaming

Where are the IPTV addons and streaming movies or TV series for Kodi?

These addons that allow you to perform the actions listed above are NOT among the addons officially supported by Kodi, but must be downloaded and installed by hand.

And to discover these fantastic addons you have to follow Teknologya every day, since as soon as we discover a new addon for Kodi we propose it on the site with a detailed guide that explains how to install it and use it to the fullest.

Only in this way you will discover the best addons for Kodi, since, as anticipated, they are not on the official list of addons supported by Kodi.

How to install zip addon on Kodi?

In principle, clicking on My add-ons from the left column and selecting the item Install from zip file, you can install any addon downloaded from the Internet.

As anticipated, however, usually on Teknologya we offer a detailed and complete guide that explains how to install all the Kodi addons that we propose. The procedure, in fact, is not always the same for all addons and could change.

How to configure Kodi addons

Then remember that sometimes Kodi addons require a configuration, such as entering your personal data to login to a specific account (such as the DAZN addon, just to give a concrete example).

In other cases, you can customize the preferred video resolution, indicate the available network band (by clicking on the Inputstream Adaptive Settings) and the CDN (Content Delivery Network) to be used for each content provider.

In short, each addon can have its own peculiarities and characteristics to be configured by hand. In this case, the My add-ons section must be kept monitored because it is from here that, using the Configure button  ( available only for some addons), it is possible to configure their operation in depth. 


With this long guide on Kodi we have concluded.

For any doubt or question, leave a comment at the end of the article. We will reply as soon as possible.

See you next time and enjoy!

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