How to download apps from the Play Store without a Google account

How to download apps from the Play Store without a Google Account, Google Play is the official App Store for Android and offers applications, games, movies, music and books, among other things, depending on the country of origin. If you use an Android device, it is likely that you already access the archive directly from the device using the application of the same name, or consult the web for download.

There are two situations in which applications can not be downloaded from the App Store.

The first is the case in which the developer has not obtained a license from Google to add the application to the market. If the Play Store is not displayed on your phone or if you can not install it, then it is likely that the device is not currently supported.

The second occurs if you receive error messages when you try to download the app from Google Play. For some reason, you can not download applications this way, even if your phone is supported.

There is a hope though. The solution is to download the application on your system directly from the Google Play Store and then install it manually. The advantage of this method is that it is not necessary to login with a Google account to do so. If you want to download applications directly via the Play Store app, however, you need a Google account.

APK Downloader is a free web service that allows you to download any app from the App Store. All you have to do is paste “url” of the Play Store apps on the site and press the Enter key.

A download link will be generated from the web service, click on it to download the apk file directly to your computer.

It is safer to wait for the service to resume full operation so that you can make use of it without having to use the extension.

The only limitation is that the service can not be used to download commercial applications from Google Play.

If for some reason you can not use the Play Store to download apps from Google Play, the APK Downloader web service becomes very useful as it provides

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