How to download free ringtones for Android and iOS

The ringtones, just like our devices, have evolved over time: from simple rings have become melodies, then they became polyphonic, and finally real musical pieces! In this guide, we will show you the best apps and sites to download free and always updated ringtones, in order to change the default ringtone of your device.

In fact, there are many services, sites and applications easy to use, where you can download songs, melodies, entertaining music, film symbols or characters, sound effects, ringtones and much more in a completely free, both Android and iPhone, and iPad! So we do not waste any more time: choose below how you want to download them.

In this guide we are going to list many of the most famous methods, used to download ringtones for free, but probably you’re wondering: but all this is legal? Absolutely yes.

Because in reality there is a big difference between music and ringtone, which is all well known to you! In fact, to download music, we intend to have a digital copy of an artist’s entire song. This – if done without paying copyrights – is absolutely illegal and therefore punishable and punishable by law.

On the contrary, downloading a ringtone means to get hold of a part of the song (which cannot exceed a certain length/percentage of the whole song). This is completely legal and can be done for free, without paying for the copyrights! And now that you have no more doubts, let’s get started!

ATTENTION: On all the marked platforms there are many free ringtones available, some may violate the rights of some artists. We advise you to be careful and use these services with caution.

Sites to download ringtones for free

Before showing you the best apps to download ringtones on your smartphone or tablet, we recommend some of the Internet sites most used for the purpose. The big advantage is that you will not be forced to install applications (which often force us to free up memory on the device ) thus making the operation even easier.


With over 8 million downloadable melodies, Zedge is the most famous and used service ever to discover new ringtones! Using it is very simple: connect to the site by clicking on the link below and in the top bar look for the name of a song or melody that you want to download and then click on it as shown in the image.

At this point, you will open a page similar to the one in the figure where you can listen to the ringtone and, if you like, download it by clicking the down arrow key you see in the lower right corner. If you are using a smartphone, the ringtone will be downloaded already in memory, while if you are on a PC then you have to pass it on your smartphone.

LINK | Zedge


Another good alternative is MyTinyPhone where, just like Zedge, you can find everything: ringtones, wallpapers, themes, games, apps and much more. In the section dedicated to free ringtones you will have a search bar and, below, some of the most popular melodies.

After finding the song you were looking for, click on its name to listen to it and, if that’s what you were looking for, download it by clicking the arrow button that appears on the side: it will immediately start the download and after a few seconds the song will be ready to be heard and set as a ringtone.

LINK | MyTinyPhone


Among the most famous services, we could not even mention mobile9! On it you can find lots of content for your smartphone, including of course free ringtones. Once in the website, find your smartphone or tablet with the search bar. Once selected, you will be able to access all the dedicated contents.

More precisely in the left sidebar, you have to click on “Ringtones” and finally you will have a lot of ringtones to download. Search for your favorite with the search bar at the top right and download it by clicking the arrow symbol you see next to each song. Finally, in the page that will open, click on “Download” on the top right (in blue) to download it.

LINK | mobile9

Audiko is famous above all for its ability to “cut a song” in your possession to create a personalized ringtone. Of course, you can also download ringtones for free by searching for the name in the search bar at the top.

At this point, you will be shown all the results for that name: choose what you think is most suitable and you will finally be taken to the page to download the ringtone. Here, in fact, under the cover of the song, you will find the word “Get Mobile Phone Ringtone in blueclick it and all that remains is to create an account (you can also use Facebook ) to start the download.

LINK | Audiko


If you are looking for a really simple, fast and intuitive website to download free ringtones, then you absolutely must try CellBEAT! In the site you will immediately find some of the most popular melodies and in the upper right corner a search bar to find the song you want.

Once found you will have to do is click on it: you will come to a page where you can listen and know the main information, but above all you can download it (also for iPhone and iPad) in a simple and fast way from the links at the bottom of the page where there is the word Download”. Simple, no? Seeing is believing



Similarly to Zedge, with Tones7 you will have many free ringtones available, very easy to download! The main page, in fact, in addition to the most popular ringtones, shows at the top a search bar where you can find any song. Once found, you will have a screen similar to the one shown above (with all search results).

To download one, select with the mouse the words Get ringtone” in the green box, and you will be taken to a section similar to the one in the photo part on the right, above. Here you can listen to the ringtones and download it for smartphones – by pressing the Download” button – and for iPhone and iPad by pressing the iPhone Download” button. Take a look

LINK | Tones7

Android app to download ringtones for free

If you do not want to use an online service, but you want an app with which you can download all the ringtones you want, then below you will find the best Android app ever where – often – you will not only find free ringtones but also wallpaper, app, games, icon sets and everything you need to personalize your smartphone and make it unique!

In general, this type of app does not take up much memory, but depending on the features that integrate and depending on how many ringtones you want to download, you may need more free memory space.


We have already seen it among the best sites, and we could not even leave it here! Zedge is an authentic resource to personalize your smartphone and find free ringtones, but also allows you to download wallpapers, animated wallpapers, ringtones, notification sounds and icon collection.

Zedge is really full of content and in its immense catalog ( more than 8 million files only in the ringtones section ) it’s really hard not to find the melody suited to your needs. The use is really simple: it does not require any registration, just find the content you are interested in and download it. On Android also allows you to directly set the downloaded content (ringtones, notifications and wallpapers).


Another service similar to Zedge but “limited” to the ringtones only is Audikoas the solution we have just talked about is available both as a website and as a mobile application. Audiko allows you to choose and download free ringtones of many different authors and types. On Android it also allows you to turn your MP3 files into songs.

You can even create ringtones from the songs on your device! However, downloading a ringtone is very simple: once you find the desired song, click on it to listen or download it immediately via the orange arrow symbol that will appear below the album cover image.


MyTinyPhone is probably the best alternative to Zedge. For Android it is also available as an application and. Of course, just like on Zedge, you will also find wallpapers, games, apps, and much other content.

Even here you can download the ringtones is easy and free: once you find a music ringtone you will not have to do is open it and click the Download” button just below the image of the song. Simple, no? Here is the link to download it:

mobile9 – Themes, Fonts

As we have already seen in the section for the best sites, mobile9 is one of the most popular services for downloading ringtones. The reason is simple: mobile9 is a really well-made app that collects more than 3 million files between: wallpapers, ringtones, themes, icons, stickers and much more! All within reach of an app with new content every day.

In short, mobile9 is an alternative to catch on the fly to customize your smartphone (not just the ringtone) in a simple, intuitive and completely free that only takes up 7MB! Below is the link to the download from the Play Store: definitely worth a look!

Vyng Video Ringtones

Vyng is definitely a voice out of the chorus. This app promotes a whole new way of experiencing calls because instead of a trivial ringtone Vyng allows you to set up a video! Yes you have understood correctly, a music video of your choice, even among the most recent and of any style ( Hip Hop, pop, JAzz, but also, Dubsmah and so on and so forth! ).

And it does not end here, because even if you do not find the right video for you, then you can record one of your own and share it with your friends! And if the video is without sound, then you can still use a ringtone to put it down! In short, absolutely to try: fun and originality assured!

IOS app to download ringtones for free

Instead of using one of the above mentioned websites, you can download an app with which you can find all the ringtones you want. Below you will find the best iOS apps in which you can find (often) not only musical ringtones but also wallpaper, apps, games and everything you need to customize your smartphone and make it unique!


Zedge is the most complete, intuitive and easy-to-use service for customizing a device! After having seen the features on the site (and with the Android app) it remains only to cite its many features on iOS. With Zedge you’ll have access to over 80 million songs, without talking about: wallpaper, apps, games and much more.

Downloading the contents is easy and you can even set up ringtones and wallpapers immediately after downloading. But if you only want to download free ringtones, then Zedge Ringtone is the app for you: lighter and exclusively dedicated to ringtones! We will tell you both: here are the links to the App Store!

Ringtones 500000+

An alternative available only for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) for free ringtones is Ringtones 500000+, a truly effective and complete application. There are lots of ringtones, many categories and the ability to create your own ringtones by recording your voice, or starting from the songs in your collection.

  • DOWNLOAD | Ringtones 500000+ from the App Store

Audiko Ringtones

Even Audiko is considered one of the most popular app for downloading ringtones and wallpapers for free . Also available for Android and as an Internet site, with Audiko you will have access to many ringtones and more! With this app it will also be possible to make a personalized ringtone or cut a song that we already have.

  • DOWNLOAD | Audiko Ringtones from the App Store

mobile9 deco

The famous site also lands on iOS: mobile9 is – in the same vein of Zedge – a huge container of wallpapers, videos and ringtones for free! In it you will find wallpapers specially developed for the Phone and iPad or ringtones of all kinds: notifications, alarms, alarms, SMS tones and much more.

Every day millions of content are added to mobile9 to make your device absolutely unique! Below you will find the link to the App Store to download it immediately (quiet, it takes less than 24MB ):

  • DOWNLOAD |  mobile9 deco from the App Store

In short, these were the best alternatives of the web to download ringtones for free (and not only) on your Android and iOS devices. Obviously, if you have other services to report, or if you have any doubts and requests, do not hesitate to leave a comment below!

And you, did you already know these services? Which one did you try? 

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