Download music online from YouTube: best sites August 2019

Download from YouTube online: do you want to download music from YouTube without programs? Here is the selection of the best sites for downloading music from YouTube online

Download music online from YouTube

Download music from YouTube for free online

UPDATE AUGUST 2019 – Removed non-functioning sites

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Let’s begin!

Download music from YouTube MP3

Did you just hear a song you like on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube or other music streaming platforms and would you like to download it to listen to it offline, without internet connection, on your PC or on your smartphone?

Well, in this article I’ll explain how to download music from YouTube in the easiest and fastest way possible. In a few simple steps you can get the song as an MP3 audio file and you can listen to it whenever you want, without having to be connected to the internet and without consuming data.

Download from YouTube online

Below we have selected the best sites to download free music from YouTube.

At the time of writing this article ALL the sites are functional and personally tested. The article will be constantly updated in order to report only the best sites. In all cases, a click is all it takes to download music and songs in MP3 format from YouTube. 

Here is the list:


Download mp3 from YouTube

As anticipated, apart from the slightly different graphics, all the sites work in the same way, in a few simple steps, for free and without registration. 

Download mp3 from YouTube online

Quiet, to reach your goal you will not have to download or install any program or make any recordings. With our advice you can, with just one click, download MP3s from YouTube in the simplest and safest way possible.

Thanks to the internet sites we have selected, all completely free and without registration, you can download all the music you want from YouTube in a simple click in MP3 format.

The advantage of using a website to download music from YouTube instead of a program is that you can download from any PC, Windows or Mac, without downloading and installing any program. You can therefore download music from YouTube online at work, at school, at the university and from all those computers on which, for some reason, the installation of programs is blocked.

And using a site to download music from YouTube online you can do it in a few moments, without wasting time.

In short, I think it’s definitely better to use online services to download music from YouTube instead of the classic programs because the operation is much simpler, more convenient and faster.

Download from YouTube in mp3

But enough talk now, let’s get into action.

Reaching your goal is very simple. In principle, it will be enough for you:

  • go to YouTube
  • copy the link of the video or piece of music you want to download from YouTube
  • go to one of the sites above
  • paste the address copied above into the space provided
  • press the “Download” or “Convert” button (varies depending on the site)
  • wait for the download, which will be very fast

And here in a few simple steps you can download all the music you want from YouTube for free. 

I think it is an operation for everyone, given that in essence it is enough to simply make a copy-paste, nothing more. The rest will think of the various internet sites that allow you to download music from YouTube.


With this guide we have concluded.

Do you think that some site is missing from the list? Let us know by leaving a comment at the end of the article or contact us, we’ll try the service and add it.

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