Download the offline installation file of Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Normally when you download Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera from their official website, the online installation file is downloaded onto the computer. Once installed, it downloads and installs the latest version of the internet browser in question on your computer.

But the online installer of course can only be run on computers connected to the internet, while it has no way to work on computers that are not connected to any network, or for which the speed of navigation is quite limited and/or it is a consumption connection.

In these circumstances, therefore, the offline installer must be used through which you can install the complete Internet browser in your computer without having to connect to the internet. Next we go to see where to find the download links of the offline installer of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Offline installer of Google Chrome

Follow the download links to download the offline installer of the four versions of Chrome: the “Stable” is the official one, the stable one, while the others are the experimental ones.

Offline installer of Mozilla Firefox

Follow the download links of the four versions of Firefox: the first is the stable and official one, while the other two are the experimental releases addressed to developers, volunteers and curious people.

At the address all versions of Firefox are available, from the oldest to the most recent.

Offline installer of Opera
Follow the download links of the offline installer of the three versions of Opera: the “Stable” is the official and definitive one, while the other two are experimental.

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