Earn With the Best Money Making App of 2019 – Roz Dhan

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No one will answer “no” to the question would you like to earn money?. It will be always great if we get more income so that the lifestyle will gradually get improved. At present, there are lots of ways to make extra money with the help of internet. Here we will see the simplest way to earn real cash by sharing, watching, playing games, etc…

Roz Dhan is a very popular Android app with more than 5M downloads. Unlike other similar apps, Roz Dhan has the easiest method to earn more money within a short time span. If you are one of the user then you can earn while entertaining. Roz Dhan is the only app which provides personal loans, news, games, videos, etc… likewise there is a lot to explore.

The only prerequisite for using Roz Dhan is you must have a Paytm account since the amount you make is get deposited in your bank through Paytm. So if you don’t have a Paytm account then you can simply create it by visiting the official website or from the Paytm app. You have to attain the minimum threshold amount of Rs 200/- to withdraw. Once you attained it then you can withdraw your earnings anytime.

If you are an active participant then you can earn money on a regular basis. The top users got more than Rs 40000/- Paytm cash. No heavy tasks to be done to make money through Roz Dhan. There are lots of ways in which you can use any to earn rewards. Let’s see some of the ways:

  • You can invite your friends to earn reward points. It is possible to use any of the social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc… You will be rewarded even your friend invites any of their friends. Means you can earn from multiple levels.
  • Just get in touch with the app daily then you will be eligible to earn the daily bonus. If you don’t have time to read the news or watch videos, then just share it with your friends so your earnings will get increased. And also a special bonus is given after 4-5 days of your joining.
  • Those who have kindle (means those like to read) will definitely love this app because there are numerous interesting contents to read. And also you will earn while you read.
  • Would you like to play games? then Roz Dhan best fits you. We know most of the games will charge some amount in different ways. But here Roz Dhan gives you money when you play.

You will be awarded coins instead of real cash after the successful completion of the given tasks. Rs 1 = 250 Coins. You will be awarded 1500 coins for each invite. You can convert coins and withdraw the balance to your Paytm once it reaches the threshold of Rs 200/- Now let’s see how to Install and use the App.

  • Download the Roz Dhan app from Play store. Currently only Android version available.
  • After downloading Sign up with your mobile number.
  • You will get a message with a verification code. Verify mobile number by typing the code.
  • Now you can access the contents in the app. To start earning with Roz Dhan app please follow the below steps.
  • Now click on profile icon as shown in the picture.

  • Now you can see your earnings Got Rs 25/- Right? great get ready to gain another Rs 25/- instantly.

  • Click on the Add invite code As shown in the image. then add 06R836 to get extra Rs 25/-

  • When you check your profile again you can see Rs 50/- as balance. Congrats once again. Keep moving.

As we said earlier it is also possible to earn coins by watching videos, reading news, taking a quiz with simple 12 questions, sharing, etc.

Now let’s see how to withdraw your balance. All coins will automatically get converted to cash balance daily.

Click on Profile> Income > Click Withdraw.

Rules are clearly mentioned in the app. You can click withdraw to redeem your balance.

It is always good to have extra income. Roz Dhan helps to lubricate your earning process. You don’t have to sacrifice the time for entertainment to earn extra money. By using this app you can entertain while earning.

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