5 Best PDF Editors to Edit and modify PDF files in Mac

PDF is the most common format for sharing documents. One of the advantages is to be able to view documents in the same way, regardless of the operating system or the program with which the file is displayed. It does not depend on the program that can be pre-installed on the device and can be viewed by anyone. It is a great format to save or print and can also be made editable if necessary. Not all programs allow PDF editing and often only basic operations can be done.

From this problem arises the dilemma: which program to use to edit PDF? With so many choices it is really difficult to identify which is the best PDF editor for Mac. That is why I decided to gather in this article the best programs that allow you to edit PDFs on Mac that are currently available.

Best PDF editors for Mac

1. PDFelement 6 for Mac

With the most exclusive features, you can effectively take advantage of PDFelement 6 Pro to transform PDF documents the way you want. The exceptional and practical features of the software help protect passwords, access, annotate, create, edit and even convert PDF documents to other formats. Its unique interface is user-friendly to help you maximize your productivity with professional documents using the best Adobe Acrobat alternative on the planet.


Its great features include:

  1. Ability to easily fill, read and open PDF forms based on XFA
  2. Advanced graphic objects that modify the capabilities from cropping, from mirroring to rotation
  3. Improved OCR (Optical Character Recognition) accuracy with table recognition and virtual server adaptation
  4. It supports 9 languages including Chinese, English, Dutch, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
  5. User-friendly Mac including iOS
  6. The automated features of professionals include:
    • Automation of forms recognition to transform old office documents into interactive files
    • One-click automation to extract data quickly and easily, accurately and efficiently
    • Using OCR advances to edit paper files in easily usable and analysable document formats

More features are explained in this 30 seconds video from Wondershare.

The full version costs a little less than $ 100 with an escalator based on the number of licenses ordered. For example, you will get 10% discount per license if you order 11 for your company. Plus, PDFelement 6 for Mac has a lightweight version that allows you to meet your daily work. It allows you to create, edit, convert, protect, sign and it costs only $ 59.95. Here you can try the different two versions for free.

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

With Adobe Acrobat Pro, the sharing and preparation of documents in a professional and refined way are simple, fast and easy. An annual subscription is required to work with PDF features through the Document Cloud and Desk functions to complete tasks.

Features include:

  1. Create high-quality PDFs to turn documents into top-quality usable, viewable and shareable PDFs
  2. Easily export PDF documents in most formats, such as converting PDF to most Microsoft formats such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  3. Ability to edit images and text in PDF to easily rectify fonts, typos or add an image
  4. Easily combine your files as spreadsheets and place them in a single PDF
  5. Protect critical documents to avoid unscrupulous modification or copying of sensitive information in PDF documents
  6. Replacing the ink signature to manage, archive and track documents as signed
  7. Simplified form transformation in which Excel, Word and paper forms are transformed into PDF forms that you can easily sign and fill
  8. Easy-to-print PDF documents with quick preparation, proofreading, preflighting and PDF review for high-quality print production

More expensive than the first PDF tool and not offering OCR technology capabilities, Adobe Acrobat DC is recommended for companies that can afford to buy $ 14.99 / month for workstations.

3. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is one of the premium apps from Readdle, a company that has made itself known for developing successful iOS apps. PDF Expert is an app available for many years on iPhone and iPad. The Mac version was launched in 2015 with excellent reviews and a high recommendation from Apple publishers.

Requires a one-time payment of € 64.99. With the full version you can change the reading settings of the PDF document to help you rest your eyes, with day, night and sepia filters available to choose from.

It is also easy to search and within documents using the full search tool and you can annotate documents.

When editing text on a Mac, PDF Expert automatically detects the font, size and opacity so that you can simply replace any text and, like many other editors, you can use it to sign documents in digital format. Modified PDFs can be uploaded to all types of cloud storage units, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, which other users can access to continue working.

With PDF Expert, you are able to add comments or annotate PDFs. The page layout screen clearly shows the order of the pages within a PDF file. From here, you can adjust the order, add new pages or delete unwanted ones. You can find more information on the official website, where you can download a free trial or buy the full version.

4. PDFpenPro

PDFpenPro is a quality PDF editing tool for Mac with a minimum access fee of $ 74.95 and the pro version is $124.95.

It allows you to add images, text and images to your PDF documents and even make a number of changes, including correction of typos.

Other features include:

  1. Proofreading of the acquired OCR results
  2. Export PDF to Word
  3. Easy correction and editing of text
  4. Sign PDF on Mac to protect files with a digital signature by quickly scanning signatures
  5. PDF files stored in the cloud where they can be edited in Dropbox or iCloud
  6. Management of supported pages including deletion, removal, reorganization, insertion
  7. Support for PDF archiving on Evernote
  8. PDF manipulations automatically with the automation of JavaScript and AppleScript
  9. Digital signatures can be validated to authenticate them
  10. Password protection includes 256-bit AES encryption

5. Preview

Apple Mac has different tools and Preview is one of these, pre-installed and ready to use. The preview comes with several editing functions of PDF documents, but not as big and intense as you would expect from a better alternative like PDFelement for Mac. However, you can use it to edit images, sign and fill out forms, annotate and view PDFs.

Features include:

  1. Compiling and signing forms within the Mac where only the opening of the PDF document is required within the software
  2. Protect support for important PDF documents to keep sensitive information away from unscrupulous access using a strong password
  3. Combine and manage PDFs for those who use supported extended PDF documents and can combine documents to facilitate tracking
  4. Converting image files to various file formats also supported in Preview, including image file formations like TIFF, PSD, PNG and JPEG, especially important when you need to open some images that have received a different unsupported format
  5. The preview is also pre-installed, includes a multi-format display type with simple thumbnail drag functions and a recognizable quick camera

Note: be as it could, even if it is missing some major editing function, it is a totally free tool to edit pdf on Mac.

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