How much Internet data YouTube Music consumes?

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How much internet data YouTube Music consumes? How many gigs does YouTube Music use? Does YouTube Music consume a lot of internet data traffic?

Does YouTube Music use too much Internet data?

As we have seen in recent days, finally YouTube Music has also launched to compete with Spotify in the music streaming. 

Now that we can also rely on Google service to listen to songs and music in streaming, choosing between YouTube Music and Spotify becomes even more difficult.

If you are not decided whether to subscribe to YouTube Music or Spotify, in a previous article we tried to clarify your ideas, comparing the two streaming music services and trying to figure out what is best. 

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How much Consume giga and mega YouTube Music

In today’s article, however, we will analyze in detail how many giga or mega internet consumes YouTube Music during its use. 

Like any other streaming program, YouTube Music uses the internet connection to work and therefore uses data traffic. 

Of course, today monthly Internet packs offers that offer 20 or 30 gig of the internet it is not essential to worry about a few hundred mega consumed by an app like YouTube Music, but I think it is still right to inquire to understand exactly how much consumes YouTube Music during use. 

That is why we have thoroughly tested YouTube Music for Android and we have collected the data we have detected.

Internet consumption YouTube Music with active video

Using YouTube Music with audio + video playback (the one that consumes the most, to be clear), we found that in 45 minutes of listening, 212 MB of data was consumed. 

Internet consumption YouTube Music without active video

Using YouTube Music with playback ONLY audio (the one that consume less, so to speak), we found that in 1 hour and 20 listening, 88 MB of Internet were consumed.

If used only in audio mode, I would say that YouTube Music consumes very little. 

Assuming only 30 minutes of audio per day on the move and therefore without WiFi, YouTube Music consumes around 30 MB per day. I would say that with internet plans of 20 or 30 gig, the consumption of YouTube Music data is practically nil compared to programs like Instagram and Facebook, which instead 30MB consume them in a single session.

What do you think about it?

Have you already tried YouTube Music? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article if you prefer YouTube Music or Spotify. 

Download YouTube Music

We close the article with links to download YouTube Music from their respective stores for Android and iOS:

This is really all for this article.

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