In today’s guide we see how to go offline on Facebook Messenger from Android, iOS and PC devices.

Every friend on the blue social network of Mark Zuckerberg can view when you’re online on Messenger with ease when he wants. In fact, each of us is online when using the social, on computers, iOS and Android operating system. So if you personally are really tired of being constantly spied on by unwanted people, you can easily disable this option. Let’s see the procedure to follow.

Clarification to be done

The method that we will propose in a few minutes allows you to disappear from the list of online contacts. However, if a user decides to enter the single chat, it will display the active now immediately below the name of your profile. There is currently no valid solution to solve this problem. The only one, probably the most drastic of all, is to block the desired contact. So you can hide your status from the general list of online contacts.

Let’s see together the procedures to be followed to the letter to be offline on Facebook Messenger.

Computer procedurer

If you have always loved using computer messenger, you have to follow the procedure that we will now report really very simple.

  1. Connect first of all to the official Facebook site;
  2. Now log in with your credentials;
  3. Plugged into the Messenger icon;
  4. Tapped on the option you can see all on Messenger;
  5. At this point tap on the options icon, the one that depicts a gear;
  6. Plugs on the word active contacts;
  7. In conclusion, set the Toogle next to your name to Off.

In simple and fast steps you will become offline even if you use Facebook Messenger from a computer. So however, you too can not view online contacts. To return online permanently, simply repeat the same procedure and set the toogle to On.

Procedure for iOS devices

If you are using a device with the iOS operating system, however, you must follow the following procedure to the letter.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger;
  2. Move your attention to the persons tab, in which you will see all the contacts, both online and obviously offline;
  3. To this select the active tab;
  4. In this new section, only online contacts are highlighted;
  5. In conclusion, turn off the toogle next to your name, setting it to Off.

After the procedure described above you will become offline in the list of all the contacts of the other users. Logically you can not even see any contact when it’s online. To return online simply repeat the procedure by simply setting the toogle to On.

Procedure for Android devices

If you are finally using a device with the green robot of Google, smartphone or tablet makes no difference, you must follow the procedure that we will now report that it is practically identical to that used on iOS operating system.

  1. First of all, open Messenger;
  2. At this point move to the people section, where you will see all the contacts;
  3. Select the active tab;
  4. In this section all active contacts are highlighted;
  5. Arrived up to here disable the toogle next to your name, simply setting it to Off.

Doing so will no longer appear in the list of active users and as a result, many people will not look for you as before. Among other things, you can no longer see online contacts either. To be able to return permanently online, simply redo the procedure and setting this time the toogle on.

In conclusion, as already mentioned, unfortunately if any user will enter the single chat, will display your current status, both offline and online. The procedure that we have explained to you serves to hide from the list of all active contacts of other users and therefore to be offline on Messenger.

The guide is finished. For any questions please write to us. See you next time.


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