Facebook Modifies the way it Alerts Users to Fake News

Social media platforms are used by almost each and every person for various purposes. One of the most famous social networks is Facebook, where you will get to see almost each and every news update along with personal posts. Although there are several misleading and false news surfacing in the platform which can be confusing for most of the users. In this article about the new feature of Facebook which will help you to identify false and misleading news in the platform.


Facebook Changing the Technique for the Identification of False News:

Facebook is used by the majority of the smartphone users, and it is a great platform to share media files along with the news. Even though several misleading and false news being spread using this platform for various purposes. Previously Facebook was providing a red icon indication in order to identify the fake news. that particular feature was known as the disputed flag, and it was a great way to identify fake news on the social media platform.

Fake and false news are basically used for increasing Facebook views. Even most of the users use various services to buy Facebook views and increase their engagement. Recently they have introduced a new way to identify was used by showing related articles next to the fake news. This will basically enable the user to identify the false news by getting more information regarding the topic from other articles.

Even if someone tries to share that particular false news, then they will get instant pop up notification regarding the report from different fact-checkers. Even if that particular news being shared and someone opens the link from that particular post, then all the related articles will appear next to it. This is a great way to determine the original post from all the surfacing false news. These steps are taken due to the question-answer session in front of Congress regarding the platform being used for spreading misinformation in the year of 2016 presidential election of the United States.

Soon after that Facebook introduced disputed flags, now it has upgraded its features by showing fact-checked articles. You will also get to see trust indicators for the most genuine publications on Facebook who are providing original news. Even with all these features and precautions, it is not working well on the Facebook platform. Even with fact-checker along with dispute flags, the views on that particular article are the same.

But related articles decreased the number of shares as the actual story is not matching the false news. Facebook is interested in changing the experience by showing less encouragement of sharing of false news on its social media platform. Although most of the experts and users expecting to implement the removal process of false news if it is checked and reported by most of the genuine sources. But it is nearly impossible to remove all the false news, as it is being spread languages that are needed to have a thorough check-up for confirmation.

Last Words:

Each and every one of us easily believe on the news spreading on social media networks without confirming the source. It can have negative effects if the news is misleading and used for spreading false news. We have collected information from different sources along with the official blog of Facebook about the new feature for identifying misleading news. We have posted the following details in this article for you. Share this useful article with others, so that they get to know the way to identify false and misleading news in the social network.

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