Far Cry 5 Trainer: updated and functional tricks for the game on Windows PC

Far Cry 5 Trainer: updated and functional tricks for the game on Windows PC

Have you just bought the brand new Far Cry 5 game for Windows PC and are you looking for the best tricks up to date? You’re in the right place!

As usual, we offer the tricks tested and working for the game. Below you can find the Far Cry 5 Trainer download, which allows you to activate many tricks and cheats in the game.

Thanks to these tricks, perfectly tested and working, you can enjoy yourself to the full with your new game just released, taking advantage of features such as invincibility, immortality and endless and unlimited weapons.


Far Cry 5 tricks for Windows PC thanks to the Exclusive Trainer

Returning to the tricks for this game, let’s see together what tricks and codes we have available to win easily on the Windows PC platform.

Remember, for those who do not know, that the trainer for Far Cry 5 is a small program downloadable and compatible only with Windows PC that allows you to add and unlock additional features exclusive to the game.

In particular, this trainer allows to obtain:

  • Infinite Health – Infinite health, unlimited health, immortality, never die in Far Cry 5
  • Inf.Ammo / Inf.Gadget – endless weapons, unlimited weapons, infinite gadgets, unlimited gadgets in Far Cry 5
  • No Reload – you must never recharge your weapons, weapons never run out, ammunition is endless and unlimited in Far Cry 5
  • Inf.Money – unlimited infinite money, unlimited coins in Far Cry 5
  • Infinite Stamina – unlimited infinite stamina in Far Cry 5
  • Infinite Oxygen – unlimited infinite oxygen in Far Cry 5

To activate these tricks you will need to follow these instructions:

1) Download the linked: DOWNLOAD HERE

2) Backing-up/renaming:

  • In your Far Cry 5/bin/folder first rename EACLaunch.exe to EACLaunch.exe.BAK.
  • In your Far Cry 5/bin/folder rename FC_m64.dll to FC_m64.dll.BAK.
  • In your Far Cry 5 / bin / EasyAntiCheat / folder, rename EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll to EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll.BAK.

3) Place EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll file from the archive into your Far Cry 5 / bin / EasyAntiCheat folder.

4) Place FC_m64.dll file from the archive into your Far Cry 5 / bin / folder.

Done! Nothing could be simpler.

As you can see, thanks to these tricks your games in the game Far Cry 5 for Windows PC will be much simpler, although obviously the fun will come down, since the challenges will become all very easy, perhaps too much.

Anyway, having said this, I’ll leave you finally to the download of the program that allows you to activate the tricks in the game.

Before leaving the article, some other info on the game in question.

Far Cry 5 release date

The game, as you know, was released March 27, 2018. And if you’re reading this article you’ve probably already bought the version for Windows PC, right?

Far Cry 5 trailer

Here is the trailer for the game:

Far Cry 5 PC requirements

Below you can find the minimum and recommended requirements of the PC version of the game:

About Far Cry 5

Here is Hope County, Montana. This idyllic place hosts a community of good people who love freedom, as well as a sect of fanatics known as the Eden’s Gate Project.

Led by the charismatic Prophet Joseph Seed and his devoted brothers, Eden’s Gate has slowly crept into every aspect of life in the area. Your arrival will push the sect to take control of the region with violence. You will have to fight and light the fire of the resistance to free the captive community.

Explore Hope County’s rivers, lands and skies with the greatest range of customizable weapons and vehicles ever to appear in a Far Cry. You will be the hero of history in an exciting and ruthless world, where the uncovered places and the chosen allies will mold the plot in unexpected ways.

Far Cry 5 Download and Crack

The game is not yet available for free download from the web and there is not even a crack to download and activate free Far Cry 5 for free.


I would say that now it’s really all, have fun!

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