Feel Like Destroying Things? Mobile Games Can Scratch That Itch

If you like high-intensity games, and even more so when you can wreak havoc and destroy everything in your path, then keep reading on to learn about all the apps that can make you feel destructive, but in a productive way. Sometimes, after a long or challenging day, I love to take out my frustrations with games that let me destroy everything in front of me. It’s a great way to take the edge off, without actually destroying anything. I have played one game nonstop for the last couple of weeks, but then I ran into this great article with recommended apps.

Great Destroy Everything Games

Check out the link for some good games, but keep reading on to learn about all the types of games that let you smash and destroy to your satisfaction.

What Do You Want To Destroy?

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to break or completely destroy something. Maybe your boss was giving you grief all day, the commute home was filled with people driving without caution and you had to slam on your breaks more than once. There are many stressors that can be poked at any time during your day, so instead of doing real damage, destroy anything and everything with destruction games on your phone. The great news is, the top games in the destruction category have a variety of worlds to destroy. If you want to do a little demolition and watch things explode, you can. Myself, I take a lot of enjoyment from firing rocket launchers into a mass of zombies or enemy trucks, so I tend to look for games where I am the shooter and my goal is to destroy my enemy.

Different Weapons of Destruction to Play With

Not only do different games allow you to pick the world or environment you get to destroy, but you also get to pick what type of weapons you want to use. You can be at the wheel of a tanker or car slamming into everything you see. You can also detonate bombs, fire laser guns or rocket launchers, or fire missiles into enemy lines. Mobile games give you so many ways to destroy cities, buildings, ghosts, aliens, and so much more. So a good way to narrow down your choices is to do a simple search online for the top destruction games, or simply click on the link above and check out the app recommendations there to see what game sounds like the most destructive fun to you.

Jump Into Your Favorite Movie Themed-Game & Destroy

Another way to pick a fun destructive game is to find one that is based on a movie or comic you enjoy. Personally, I grew up watching the Ghostbuster’s Movies, so I really enjoyed playing the game where I got to be a Ghostbuster and slime ghosts. But game apps don’t stop there, If you like comic books and movies, you can download a game where you become the Hulk and destroy everything in sight. Or if you want some old school destruction, you can download a King Kong game and scale skyscrapers and destroy helicopters aiming their sights at you. If like many, you love the space and story of Star Wars, you can download a game where you are flying around and destroying the bad guys, or you can be apart of Darth Vadar’s team and be the bad guy.

In Conclusion

The world of games can let you escape reality for a while. And, if escaping reality to destroy things is what you’re looking for, there’s no limit to the chaos and destruction you can bring. So, narrow down your search by the worlds you want to destroy, weapons you want to use, or movie-themed games you want to play in. You are sure to find something destruction-worthy to pass the time, and maybe get out that little bit of aggression in an entertaining way.