FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch: what are the changes? Differences and contents

Is it worth choosing FIFA 20 for Nintendo Switch? Here’s what changes, the differences between the editions and how the new football game EA Sports runs.

FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch: what are the changes? Differences and contents

FIFA 20 is out: the EA Sports game is available for different consoles including Nintendo Switch, albeit with some differences in terms of content and mode.

Is it worth buying FIFA 20 for Switch? Lovers of Nintendo’s hybrid portable console undecided about which version to buy could find themselves with different doubts, starting from the performance (as FIFA 20 runs on Switch, for example) up to what changes between this and the PS4/Xbox/PC alternative.

Playing FIFA 20 in a portable version necessarily leads to some lack and renunciation: here is all you need to know if you have chosen to purchase the copy for Switch.

FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch: differences and features

The real name of FIFA 20 on Switch is Legacy Edition: EA Sports is keen to emphasize that this edition of the popular football simulator is not in all respects a complete version, but more in line with an update of the previous title.

Mainly lacking in FIFA 20 Legacy Edition is the new Volta mode, which takes the legacy of FIFA Street: the reason also lies in the new Frostbite game engine, not yet compatible and well implemented on Switch.

However, other modes are present in the other versions, such as: Champions League, Europa LeagueUltimate TeamKick-offCareerWomen’s World Cup, seasons and friendlies online.

Is FIFA 20 worthwhile for Switch? How it turns

Unfortunately, FIFA 20 for Switch remains a decidedly castrated product compared to the full version available for PS4Xbox One or PC. As explained previously by EA, the reason is to be found in a lack of attention by users, who prefer to buy a version with all the additions compared to a portable yes but with some limitations.

For the moment EA chooses not to invest entirely in the copy for Nintendo Switch, a factor that could surprise users at the time of purchase (even against a tempting lower list price).

FIFA 20 Switch still runs in an excellent way, reaching 60 fps, while still guaranteeing a more than good gaming experience. Unfortunately all the substantial innovations that should make the game attractive to purchase are lacking: an update of roses and sweaters could easily lead users to a more complete version available for other consoles.

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