Final Fantasy VII Remake: release, trailer and news

When will Final Fantasy VII Remake release? The new version of the historic game Square is coming: here are all the news, the trailer and the previews.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is reality: the high definition remake of the historic RPG produced by Square Enix (at the time Square Soft) is coming for PS4 and its release is expected by all fans of the Cloud and Sephiroth saga.

Final Fantasy VII will be a remake full of novelties and at the same time extremely faithful to the original game released for PlayStation back in 1997. Now that the official trailer has been shown during the direct State of Play we can also take a look at the gameplay and the new graphics in super high definition which saw the historical protagonists and the settings that made FF VII famous.

Here’s all we know about Final Fantasy VII Remake, what to expect and when it will finally be available for sale.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: release

When does Final Fantasy VII Remake come out? The release is still shrouded in an aura of mystery: the game was officially announced in 2015 and finally this year new and juicy news should arrive.

Of course, behind the project lies Tetsuya Nomura (historical character design of the saga) which is known for its slowness, but the new trailer shows more concrete details for the first time and ends with a sentence that promises more details for June 2019.

The period is that of E3 2019 so we can expect big news on the occasion of a panel dedicated to the game and where perhaps it will be possible to try the title that, from what is shown, seems to have a totally renewed gameplay.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: news and gameplay

From what we saw in the trailer, in fact, the new Final Fantasy VII Remake will not be limited to revisit only the graphics adapting it to the latest generation screens, but will also include different novelties in terms of gameplay.

The style of play, as shown, seems to definitely move away from the turn-based fights that characterize the original chapter of the late nineties, focusing on much more action fights that seem to recall what was seen in the excellent Final Fantasy XV, released a few years ago.

Fights in real time, some Limit breaks turned into normal attacks (then special moves) and the ability to change characters in real time thanks to the L2 and R2 commands. The character indicators with HP and MP remain intact with the addition of a new bar with notches, most likely destined for the activation of the aforementioned special attacks.

The graphics engine of the game will be the now widely tested Unreal Engine 4 and the game will be available exclusively for PS4 only. Are you ready to face the Shinra and its secrets again? We just have to wait for more news.

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