Today we will see 5 free websites to identify the font from an image. Using these portals, you can easily find the font name from any image containing text: thanks to these sites, you can simply upload an image into the interface and then have the file automatically processed making it show all the corresponding characters. Some of these portals require to highlight the characters, or to rotate or cut out certain sections for proper recognition. There is also to say that these sites are able to identify even the paid fonts. Of course, after identifying the type of font you are looking for you can search for it in the best sites to download free fonts.

Font Matcherator

Font Matcherator is one of the best free websites to identify fonts directly from an image. You can upload a file and then automatically identify the font and show all the corresponding fonts. For a better and more precise result, it also allows you to crop and rotate the loaded image before moving forward, so as to identify the font more precisely. To get started, just go to the Font Matcherator homepage and select the “Upload an image” tab. Here you can upload the image and then identify the font. Finally, you can upload the image from your PC or paste the corresponding URL, if online.


WhatFontIs is another great free website that you can use to find the image font. But how does it work? After loading a file, the character contained in the image will be identified and will show up to 100 matching fonts, complete with download links. To get a perfect result, you can also report to the site if the background is darker than the color of the font, and many other options for more precise results. After entering the WhatFontIs home page, you can upload the image from your PC or URL, and then click on the “Continue” button. You can also activate or deactivate some extra attributes.


LikeFont is the third option on our list that you can use for online recognition of a font from an image. This website can also find and show tons of matching fonts, even reporting the percentage of similarity of each of the characters found. To show the exact result, you can still crop, rotate or invert the image, so you have more chance to center the exact font with confidence. How to use it? Once you land on the home page, you will see a “Upload Image” section where you can upload a file from your PC, or via URL.

Font Identifier

Font Identifier is by far one of the best free websites to identify fonts from image. This portal is very similar to Font Matcherator, as it requires to crop and rotate the loaded image to obtain a more precise result. But the nice thing is that Font Identifier shows not one but all the potentially matching fonts. After opening the site, click the “Upload Image” button to import an image from your PC, or the “Image URL” option to upload a file via URL.


And here we are at the last of our sites for online recognition of a font from an image: WhatTheFont. This portal is one of the most reliable if it is to easily identify the font from any image containing text. Also in this case, you can upload an image from your PC, identify the font and display the corresponding characters in a few seconds, or do it from URL. Finally, WhatTheFont allows you to crop and rotate the image for better results.