Many people have the habit of recording videos with their smartphone by placing the device in Vertical mode. Is it correct or not?

Nowadays, the modern smartphones are super wagons to record videos and take pictures of excellent workmanship and do not forget the digital cameras and the top of the range also take a look at some entry-level SLRs.

Precisely for this reason to record videos with your smartphone is fast and you do it in a few clicks but unfortunately there is always the bad habit of recording video vertically.

I said unfortunately because in 95% of the situations, of 5% we will talk later (at the bottom of the article), many people insist on recording with their smartphone the video vertically against any good rule of vision and then explained why you do not have to record videos with your smartphone vertically.

Video with smartphone: Vertical or Horizontal?

If you want to record perfect videos with your smartphone, as well as set the camera app correctly, keep the smartphone as steady as possible, you must also horizontally because videos recorded vertically, view on normal 16: 9 screens are displayed very small and with black bands on the sides.

Many of you will fall from the clouds because, even many of my friends, record video in vertical even if I take them every time, they take their smartphone and start recording videos with their smartphone vertically getting videos that are really worth it and can be displayed only on small displays of the smartphone but on a TV are practically impossible to see properly unless you turn the weight of the TV.

Our advice is:

Record the videos by placing your smartphone horizontally but … there is a but that we explain below.

Video with smartphone vertically: Yes but only if you know how to use them

The but is explained because in that 5% of the uses that you make of the social, there is a slice of users that focus all on the mobile and in many cases see a video vertically on the smartphone is the obvious choice for many of us, but you can also turn the smartphone to see them horizontally.

So in a small percentage of uses vertical video may be the best choice but as usual it is always better to record videos horizontally.