How to find out if an iPhone is reconditioned

If there is a letter F in the model name, it means that you are facing a refurbished iPhone

iPhone 11 Pro

Do you want to buy an iPhone or even an iPad or a used iPod but want to know if this is a reconditioned device? Well we help you find out if an iPhone is reconditioned.

The difference between a used device and a reconditioned one is important. A reconditioned is a device that has been regenerated by Apple and then has undergone a series of controls by Apple that make it perfect at the hardware level.

So finding out if a refurbished iPhone is very important and so it’s better to check if we’re holding a regenerated iPhone. You must follow simple steps if you are going to buy an iPhone or a refurbished iPhone for sale.

How to find out if an iPhone is regenerated

To check if an iPhone is reconditioned you must read the model number of your device:

  • Open the Settings Menu
  • Go to General
  • Choose Info
  • Read the model number

Usually the number consists of 7 alphanumeric characters followed by a slash and a single letter, such as MC605IP / A.

We need the first letter which in this case is M but which can be one of the following:

  • M New Device
  • F Reconditioned device
  • N Device replaced through service
  • P Personalized device with an engraving

The same guide also applies to iPads and iPods.

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