If there is a letter F in the model name, it means that you are facing a refurbished iPhone

Do you want to buy an iPhone or even an iPad or a used iPod but want to know if this is a reconditioned device? Well we help you find out if an iPhone is reconditioned.

The difference between a used device and a reconditioned one is important. A reconditioned is a device that has been regenerated by Apple and then has undergone a series of controls by Apple that make it perfect at the hardware level.

So finding out if a refurbished iPhone is very important and so it’s better to check if we’re holding a regenerated iPhone. To do this you must follow simple steps.

How to find out if an iPhone is regenerated

To check if an iPhone is reconditioned you must read the model number of your device:

  • Open the Settings Menu
  • Go to General
  • Choose Info
  • Read the model number

Usually the number consists of 7 alphanumeric characters followed by a slash and a single letter, such as MC605IP / A.

We need the first letter which in this case is M but which can be one of the following:

  • M New Device
  • F Reconditioned device
  • N Device replaced through service
  • P Personalized device with an engraving

The same guide also applies to iPads and iPods.


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