Is your Order Misplaced on Amazon? Here is the easiest way to find

Find your Misplaced Order on Amazon

Nothing is worse than the carrier’s tracking saying that your package has been delivered and then discovering that your packages are not there! Every carrier has a different set of rules to file claims on lost and stolen or missing packages.

If your package is missing, first thoroughly search for it. Could it be in the backyard? Behind a bush? Or it may have gotten delivered to your old address or your neighbor’s doorstep.

If you still cannot find your package, we will cover that in this article, along with how to find archived orders on amazon.

What to Do When You Don’t Receive Your Package?

The package still may be in the shipping carrier’s hands if there is an attempt of delivery notice. Sometimes there may be an issue in the delivery, so the package may have gotten late. However, if you still have no luck, try the following:

Contact Amazon

Search for the tracking number on your confirmation email. You can get detailed information that shows your package delivery steps with this help. 

If package delivery was confirmed, but you have not received it yet, reach out to Amazon customer service to file a report. Amazon will usually ask you to wait for 36 hours if the delivery turns up. The retailer typically sends out a new package or a refund. 

If the package is still late, they will usually credit your account for the trouble caused. The company handles all the details with third-party sellers. Hence, you do not get much involvement. 

Contact the Sender

If nothing works, you can contact the sender and let them know you did not receive the package. Many big companies send out a new package immediately, no questions asked. 

Others, however, will not send a replacement or refund your money. You need to keep any proof that may help you get your replacement. 

For example, if your package is not where it said it got delivered, you can save that message for your claim. Moreover, keep your order confirmation code and other information to help the sender track your order. 

If the package was not from a company but instead a relative, let them know of the situation as soon as possible. They can contact the carrier to help you find out what happened. 

Contact FedEx

FedEx is excellent to file complaints about lost packages. If you ordered the United States package through FedEx, you could file the claim online. Due to FedEx’s fast response, you can expect to get the matter resolved less than a week.

You will have to file a claim for damaged or missing content within 60 days of the event. For item loss, you will have up to nine months. To make it easier for yourself, keep any data that may help you, as FedEx might ask for it. 

Contact UPS 

UPS offers several policies, and they depend on whether the package was shipped internationally or in the US.

You cannot file a claim for domestic packages after 24 hours of missing the package. Before you make a claim, though, you should also check with anyone who might have retrieved the package. If you are still unable to track down the package, you can initiate a claim as a sender or the receiver. 

For international shipping, it is harder to request a refund or replacement as the process is trickier. 

How to Keep Your Packages from Being Stolen?

1. If your area is subject to package theft, investing in a doorbell video camera might be a great idea. Having such a device helps a lot during package theft investigations.

2. Look for an Amazon Locker facility nearby. There is no fee to it, and it lets you have your Amazon packages delivered to a locker at a location of your choice. You receive a pickup code. So go and pick up your packages whenever it is convenient for you. 

3. Communicate with your shipping carrier. Specify precisely where and when to deliver the packages, or you can have them held at a facility. You can also ask for a signature delivery. 

4. Amazon lets you track your order as it gets dispatched from the office. Take advantage of this and always keep a check on your order. 

5. Never delete your order history. If you want to remove the crowd, you can instead archive it and then open them later. But the question is how to find archived orders on amazon, as many people struggle with this.

How to find archived orders on Amazon?

Archived orders are those you no longer wish to see on your Amazon account. But instead of deleting them, you move them manually. Archived orders never go away, so do not worry about that. 

To discover them, hover over the ‘Accounts & Lists’ dropdown in the top-right corner of your account. Select ‘Your Account’ from this menu and click archived orders in the ordering and shopping preferences subsection. 

Here all your archived orders are safely stored.


It can be frustrating to not receive the much-wanted order you waited for so long, but the good news is there is a solution to every problem. Therefore, with precautionary measures, you can avoid the situation.

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