How to fix your Oppo phone charging problems

Although smartphones have a lot of smart features, sometimes we have had to deal with many issues along the way. “The phone has suddenly stopped charging” is one of these problems. Here in this article, we are trying to solve the charging problems with your Oppo phone.

Do not panic! Here we will try to see if we can solve the problem by ourselves before taking the phone to a service center. In most cases, this problem can be caused by software, a battery charger or even a battery problem. There can be many reasons that cause the problem of charging on an Oppo phone. Let’s take a look at why the phone suddenly stops charging.

Charging problems with your Oppo phone

What could be the causes for which my OPPO phone does not suddenly charge?

  • Problems with a power source or charging cable.
  • Problems with the charger.
  • Some common problems, such as problems with the charging port, the old version of the software, battery problems or an old phone.

These may be the most common causes of charging problems on your OPPO device. Before running to try the methods to solve the problems of charging OPPO, you should definitely try the app “Ampere” to rule out doubts about whether your device is plugged In, the amount of charge it consumes or what it consumes during charging, and can also suggest the best charging method for your device.

If the status displayed in the app is displayed in green, it indicates that the device is charging and if the status appears as a negative number in orange, it indicates that the device is consuming power while it is charging.

How to solve the charge problems with your Oppo phone?

In this article, we will guide you with some suggestions to solve OPPO charging problems.

Use a different power source

Sometimes the smartphone may not be faulted, so first we check the socket. Try charging your phone from a different power source (switch from charging the wall outlet to a direct charge from the computer and vice versa). If doing so the phone starts charging, you need a good electrician to solve the problem.

Check the charging cable

If your OPPO device is not charging, you should definitely check the charging cable. Charging cables usually have to deal with a lot of curves, charging the device from a strange angle and flexing the cable, and all this will cause damage to the latter. To find out if there is a problem with the charging cable, try charging with another charging cable. If the phone is charging now, then you have to buy a new charging cable.

Check the adapter

The adapter is one of the components that must be checked before trying other solutions. If your charger has a removable cable, there is more chance that the adapter’s USB port may have broken. To detect this problem, you should try another adapter with the same charging cable, if the problem is solved by doing so, you should try replacing it with a new adapter.

Charge the device by turning it off

To solve the problem of charging OPPO, you can try to charge the device after having switched it off with only the screen turned off or even with the airplane mode activated. All of this speeds up the charging time.

Check the USB socket on the device

Even after performing the above methods you still have problems with charging, you should check the USB socket on your device where you can find a small metal connector. It could be that the metal connector has bent, it can be straightened. Always be careful when doing these operations after turning off the device and removing the battery.

Replace the battery

Most OPPO devices have a non-removable battery. If in such cases the battery is the cause of the problem of charging the device, it must be taken to a service center.

Update the software

Any change in the existing software can ruin the battery life. The updated software is always optimized to save battery life. A new update could solve your problem, so you just have to update your device.

I hope you’ve solved the charging problems with your Oppo phone. If you have any other questions or concerns about it, use the comments box below.

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