Follow JC Go: here is the Go Pokémon with saints and blessed

Follow JC Go is the response of the Catholic world to the Pokémon Go phenomenon: a mobile game that exploits the dynamics of the original, but with the saints and bless.

Follow JC Go works just like Pokémon Go, except that instead of capturing the monsters born from the minds of Game Freak you will go hunting for saints.

Yes, you understood correctly: Follow JC Go will allow you to collect the most important Christian figures from your smartphone, through a game that has recently received the approval of the Vatican.

The game is available for both iOS and Android through the App Store and Play Store, will allow believers, and aspiring ones, to play their own version of the game, but also to the Vatican to have an exclusive version of what has been one of the phenomena most successful mobile.

At the origin of the game we find the Ramon Pané Foundation, which developed the title for World Youth Day 2019 (from January 22nd to 27th in Panama): Pope Francis would have tried it, giving his blessing on October 16th.

Follow JC Go: how to play

But how does Follow JC Go work? The game mechanism is practically twin to the original Pokémon Go: the application allows first to choose your avatar, and then venture into the real world looking for saints thanks to the possibilities offered by GPS and augmented reality.

The intent is purely educational, but also entertaining: once you find a character (saints, blessed etc.) there will not be a real capture (so no, you will not close the saint on duty inside a Pokéball) but a little quiz concerning the chosen objective. If you succeed, your saint can become part of your private collection called e-team: a real special team dedicated to evangelization.

Donations and prayer

No for-profit microtransactions: Follow JC Go also includes a charity mode, through small donations that users can make in exchange for coins corresponding to the currency of the game.

Even the health of your avatar has a fundamental role in Follow JC Go.
To continue the games the game will ask your character to take care of their physical stability, through food and water, and spiritual, through prayer: to do so you just wander through your city, visiting points that will increase your character’s values similar to what you did on Pokémon Go with the Pokéstops for items.

Watching videos with advertisements also has a double value: by doing so, you will not only keep your avatar healthy, but at every view you will contribute to the donation of the revenues to the Ramon Pané Foundation (which will use the amounts for charitable purposes).

Are you ready to build a better world (so does the invitation to adventure contained in the application description)?

All you have to do is download the application which, at the moment, is only available in Spanish. Other languages will arrive soon, but in the meantime you can already try Follow JC Go, ensuring a place in paradise.

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