Football Manager 2019 Beta: release, price and news

Beta of Football Manager 2019 is out: all the useful info on the official release of the game, the price and the news.

Excellent news for Football Manager fans: Sega and Sports Interactive released the Beta on October 19 for PC and Mac.

Football Manager is a series of games focused on the management side of the football world. The game, which made its debut in the eighties passing to success with Sega since 2005, catapults the players on the bench in the shoes of a coach of a football team.

Football Manager 2019 will officially come out next November 2, for PC and Mac, and for the Beta Sega and Sports Interactive versions provide benefits for those who have already made a preorder of the game. Here are all the details.

Football Manager 2019: beta, price, preorder

If you are among those who pre-ordered Football Manager 2019, from a digital shop approved by the production company, you can play the Beta of the game by downloading it directly from Steam (online platform dedicated to the distribution of digital games).

Have not you booked the game? Do not worry, all is not lost: you can still do it today until November 2, by contacting one of the recognized digital vendors. If you have any doubts, you can easily do this by booking it from the official website at this price of $49.99: in this way you will be able to play the game right now.

The Beta of Football Manager 2019 is an incomplete version of the game, being its non-final version open to bugs and to solve problems in time for the official release.
In detail, you can already play online but do not access the Steam Workshop for editors, which will be available only from November 2: you can instead carry the careers launched for the Beta version in the full version, without losing any data and starting the official version already with a fair advantage.

For fans of the series, Football Manager could really be a revolutionary and fundamental title, to be accessed with sufficient advance waiting for the finalization of the last details: are you ready to better manage your team?

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