You forgot the unlocking sequence and you do not know how to do it, don’t worry, it’s easy as you are reading this article.

Android smartphone gives you the ability to protect your phone with many options such as PIN, pattern, face lock, voice lock or password. And it makes sure that nobody can access it without the information of that particular password. If we lose or forget the password, we can no longer access the smartphone with all our data on how, contacts, images, videos and documents.

Even if it happens very few times, we can forget the model or PIN of the device and we ask ourselves how to unlock the phone without a password. Forget things is normal, but it’s dangerous if we have sensitive data on our phone that we need to access.

If you do not remember it anymore, know that there are different ways to unlock your smartphone even after you forget your password. If you want to know how to unlock the phone after having forgotten your password, continue reading this article.

Forgotten screen lock password | How to do

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Reset your phone’s password via Google

Every time you forget your model or password and you’ve finished your options, you will be taken to a new window that shows you access through Google account. If you have a valid Google Account, just log in and reset your phone’s password.

Screen Lock Bypass

Screen Lock Bypass is a third-party application that provides a reliable way to unlock the device even after you forget your model or password. This app actually exceeds your lock screen.

Step 1. With your PC, go to Google Play and sign in with your Google account details, but make sure you use the same account details used on your Android smartphone.

Step 2. Search for the Screen Lock Bypass application, download and install it on your Android device.

Step 3. Connect the application and activate it.

Step 4. Once activated, you will see a new screen asking you to remove the lock password. Click on this option and your device will be unlocked.

Android Device Manager

You can also visit Find my device with the same login as the Google Account and the device you want to unlock. This will show three options Activate, Block and Reset. Select the reset option to remotely erase the device.

Forgotten screen lock password let’s see how to fix with Android ADB

If the options above did not work or you do not have an Internet connection or no Google Account, this could be a perfect solution. This method basically uses Android ADB commands to unlock the phone. Before installing Android SDK and writing commands on Command Prompt. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your device or else this method will not work.

Step 1. Make sure you have Android SDK on your PC with specific drivers, if you do not have them first download and install them.

Step 2. Connect the Android device to the PC via the USB cable.

Step 3. Open the command prompt from Pc and enter the commands as follows.


cd android-sdk \ platform-tools \

adb devices

This command tells you that the device is connected and is ready to perform operations.

adb shell

cd / data / data / / databases

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lock_pattern_autolock’;

update secure set value = 0 where name = ‘lock_pattern_autolock’;

update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

update secure set value = 0 where name = ‘lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;


Once these commands have been executed, the device will have been unlocked.

Factory Data Reset

If none of the above ways worked for you, the last method available is to reset the phone. Since this method deletes all files, it is best to first remove the SD card and SIM card to save contacts. This is also called Hard reset.

For this just restart your phone, press combination keys and there you will see option of wipe/erase data(Hard Reset).

Go to it using volume keys and press lock button for confirm process.

Now your phone will start reset process and wait for few minutes.

Congrats! Now your phone is ready to use.

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