Fortnite Merge game Accounts: How to combine two accounts

Let’s find out how to merge multiple game profiles without losing items, skills and upgrades. Here’s how and how it works.

On Fortnite comes the opportunity to merge different profiles with Union Account: Epic Games has finally provided the ability to unify the various secondary accounts held by a user through a single main profile. In this way, the various unlocked items and contents will be transferred to the V-Buck, the precious coin in the game. How to do?

Simple, to merge Fortnite game accounts, simply select a main and a secondary profile: here’s how.

Fortnite: how to combine two game accounts

Once the two accounts have been set up, it will be immediately possible to merge it or deactivate it at a later time via the official website. As indicated by Epic Games, in order to complete the transaction an account must have been used first on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, while the other on PS4 before September 28, 2018. The transfer of another account, with the various V-Buck and unlocked items, to the main will happen after two weeks.

Access to all email addresses associated with the accounts to be merged will be mandatory: if you have an access obtained through third parties (for example, Facebook) for both profiles, access to the secondary account will be disconnected.

As far as the Battle Royale is concerned, all the aesthetic objects can be transferred, while in Save the world it will be possible to join lamas, defenders, heroes, projects, survivors, experience points, material for evolution and advantages. Again with regard to the second mode, it will not be possible to transfer objects from the virtual store, the islands of the Creative mode and all the progress and levels obtained from the Save the World account.

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