Message forwarded on WhatsApp: what does this mean?

There are more news for WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging program most used and widespread in the world.

Starting today, WhatsApp will report if the message you received from a friend, relative or acquaintance was forwarded and then comes from another chat.

The news, anticipated by the beta version of the client, is extended starting today to all users who use the popular messaging application.

The WhatsApp team confirms that the feature is already active. You do not have to do anything to get the most out of it, except upgrade WhatsApp to the latest version for Android and iOS.

If you have already updated WhatsApp to the latest version available for Android and iOS, you will have noticed that, when a friend sends you a message (and therefore does not write it by hand, but forwards it from another chat) appears the indication “forwarded”.

This means precisely that the message was not written from scratch by your friend, but was “taken” by another chat and sent to you. 

Here’s how WhatsApp explains the news in detail:

From today, when you receive a message, WhatsApp will notify you if it is a message that has been forwarded to you.

It will be easier to know the origin of a message in a chat individual and group and see if a friend or family member has written to you directly, or if the message was originally composed by someone else.

To view this new indication for forwarded messages, you must have installed the latest version of WhatsApp supported on your phone.


Among the reasons that pushed WhatsApp to introduce the new function are safety reasons: it is advisable for the user to be perfectly aware of the origin of a message to manage it correctly.

It is a way, for example, to counter the propagation of fake news via the popular platform.


To conclude, I leave you the link to download the latest updated version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS:

  • WhatsApp | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • WhatsApp | iOS | iTunes App Store, Free


Simple: just hold down on the message, copy the text and paste it in the new chat.

In this way the “forwarded” text next to the message will not appear.


For this article on WhatsApp, we have concluded.